Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun New Find - Blue Nami

For those of you that knew about this place and never told me, I am saddened. I thought we were friends. I LOVE sharing fun new finds with friends. I find something good an want to shout it from the rooftops.

Blue Nami (aka Blue NOMMY!!) is located in the same food center as Paul Martin's American Bistro on Eureka Road. Another great find located here, Pita Pit.

But, I digress.

Friday night I went there with a couple of my lady friends and it was a first for all of us. We talked about the fact that we are hesitant to try new sushi restaurants without having heard a great review from what we considered to be a credible source. Luckily one of the ladies had one.

The wait for a Friday night was not horrendous. They told us 30 minutes, but it was only about 20. I didn't really care for the loud club music that added to the already loud, chatty atmosphere, but it's Roseville, what can you do? The ambience was very surf's up meets Vegas, which also explains the loud club music.

We opted for a couple of appetizers to get started. The BBQ albacore is something I rarely pass on and was pleased to see that for the same price most places offer 3 or 5 pieces, Blue Nami gives you 7 pieces. They are also more cooked than raw which helps with my food texture issues. We also got the crab stuffed tempura mushrooms. I am sad I did not get pics of these, they were amazing.

We decided to each get a roll and share, so I ordered the Yummi Yummi, which is my standard go to roll (DF shrimp, crab, avocado, cream cheese) and one that looked tasty, the Yellow Belly (sesame chicken and cream cheese). I figured out later that they probably named it that because it's for people who are scared of the rolls with seafood in them. Clever. The last one we got was the Firefly (DF shrimp, crab, cilantro, cashews, avocado, lemon). This was the best of all three and we were all surprised at how the razor thin slice of lemon really made the roll. I am not a fan of cialntro and I couldn't taste it in the roll at all.

For the finale we decided to get one more interesting pick of which I do not know the name. It had DF shrimp, crab, avocado inside and was topped with a thin slice of tuna and pineapple pieces and then drizzled with a yummy sauce. I was kind of scared of this one because of the raw tuna on top, but there was nothing fishy about this roll. It was just the right amount of sweet too. Definitely a good pick. Speaking of pics, the last roll is the only one I got a pic of:

For 3 girls, we had 2 apps, 4 rolls, a glass of wine, and an iced tea. the bill was $54! So awesome. I am just sad that JB wasn't with me because he would have loved that place. I can't wait to bring him there!

Happy Anniversary - Ten 22 Review

Last Monday, the 23rd, was mine and JB's 2 year anniversary. Since it was a Monday and we both got home late (he had a client and I was at ballet) we decided that we would just use the gift card that I won to have an anniversary dinner over the weekend when we actually had time to enjoy it.

We almost forgot about it as we were lying on the couch on Sunday afternoon planning a trip to the market. We had been checking the mail all week for the card and it never came. JB checked before we left for the store and there it was! We decided to scrap the trip to the store since it was already 4:15 and I hopped in the shower so we could be down there by 6:30.

The restaurant is on 2nd street, across from the parking garage, and they validate ($5) if you park in the city garage. The sidewalks were busy with people enjoying the awesome weather, but the restaurant was basically empty when we arrived at 6:30 (the waiter noted that they had just finished with a rush of people). I found it interesting that they have a wine shop in the front of the restaurant when I am pretty sure they don't make their own wine. JB and I agreed that the space had too much of a cafeteria feel with the bright lighting and open ceilings. Would have helped if it was a bit dimmer in there.

As for the menu, I decided on the roasted chicken breast stuffed with mushroom risotto:

And JB went with the burger with pepperjack cheese, bacon, and carmelized onions with a side of sweet potato fries (BEST SWEET POTATO FRIES EVER!!!):

Obviously we both hated our meals:

Mine was way more salty than I would have preferred, but definitely yummy. All in all with our meals, a glass of wine, and two jack and cokes, our bill was only $54. Since we had the gift card, we only had to come up with $4 plus tip. Yay! Afterwards we headed elsewhere for a little dessert:

I let JB choose our dessert and he went with a raspberry cheesecake. So predictable. We split a piece, which means I had 3 bites and he ate the rest.

All in all it was a lovely evening and I would definitely suggest Ten 22 as a place to check out in Old Sacramento. It looks like it might be a great place for happy hours. I think they also do tastings on Thursday evenings.

Favorite New Find

I recently came across a new blog when looking at someone else's blog. I only read a small piece of one entry, but was immediately hooked:

A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

I know you are probably thinking, "She has finally lost her mind. This girl really thinks she's black."

I assure you that is not the case. As you will see when you peruse her "about" section, the blog is not only for black or female readers, but any reader who is interested in learning more about health and wellness. Although after reading her post, Making Wellness a Priority, I did find myself yelling "Amen, sister!"

Ahem...here is an excerpt:

"If wellness were a priority to us… if we were a priority to ourselves… we certainly wouldn’t allow external validation like “I look fine” and “My man loves me the way I am” to interfere with our internal health. (And really, a man who “loves you the way you are” can certainly love you if you wound up losing a little weight, right?) If we were a priority to ourselves, we would do what we can to ensure that we are here as long as possible… and not let discomfort or difficulty or “I’m okay today” syndrome get in the way. We can do that, right?"

Amen, sister.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ballet - Week 1


As anyone who has ever taken a college course knows, the first day is all about the syllabus. There were lots of packets to pick up at the front of the room, one of them being a release waiver. As we went through the syllabus together, I learned that there would be much more of an academic side to this class than I had hoped for. Although I checked the website several times and there were no books listed for the course, the syllabus showed that there were two required texts, along with a dress code of a black leotard, pink tights, and split sole ballet slippers. Further inspection of the syllabus noted a project presentation, a performance critique, and a final exam. We are allowed to have a 3 x 5 note card for that so something tells me it might be difficult.

After class I headed to the bookstore on campus to get my two books and a scantron for the final. I know it's not til December, but this will save me a trip to the bookstore when it's cold and rainy. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the two books only totaled $40.00. Again, if you have taken a college course, you know this is almost unheard of. One of the books is a dictionary of terms for ballet and the textbook actually has different positions and moves with pics and descriptions and also shows the incorrect way to do it so you can see the difference. Pretty helpful actually.

The next day I went to the dance wear store, which was quite a treat. First, apparently they think dancers don't have jobs because most of them close at 5pm. Luckily I found one near my work that was open til 6:30. Second, the store clerk immediately took me to the L/XL section, so that was awesome. I picked a few and tried them on. My torso was too long for all of them and the styles of them are not made for women with curves, especially up top. She brought me one that was labeled "Tall", which fit well aside from all of the side boob that was exposed. Finally, she brought me one that was more breathable, had more coverage, and didn't give me a massive camel toe. Sold. My tights were also XL...yay. I already have shoes from like 6 years ago, so no need to purchase new ones.

Under $40 for my purchases, so in all my class supplies equaled the cost of one used book from the ARC bookstore circa 1999.


As the day neared 5:00, I was grew increasingly anxious to don my Eurotard and tights. I tried them on the night before, as modeled for my earlier post, and I was not excited about the way the tights cut my body in half as the leotard accentuated the two different sections of my body. I brought clothes to wear over my uniform because I don't think it would be appropriate for the HR Manager to be walking around in that at work, even if it is just to the elevator and down to my car.

With the lovely 108 temperature today, I practically had a heat stroke walking the short distance from my car to the class room. I went into the locker room when I got there to use the restroom which was treat since I had to completely disrobe to do so. I felt a little more at ease when I saw other girls in their uniforms, but I was seriously so anxious about it, I was shaking.

We immediately started the class with basic bar work. We did some plies, tendues, and degages (those should all have accents on them since they are french words, but I don't know how to do that) on the bar and then moved to the center of the floor to learn some of the super basic steps like a pas de bourree and a pas de chat (again with the accents), which translates to "step of the pig" and "step of the cat".

Although the moves were very basic, and I still remember how to do most of them, it's great to start at the very beginning and really learn the movements and lock them into memory. I also talked to the teacher after class and found out that if I am taking the class for pass/no pass credit, I don't have to do any of the projects or papers. My attendance and the final should be enough to get me a pass. Hooray!

We will be building on the steps each week and at the end of the semester, there is an "Evening of Dance" where we will perform them for family/friends if we so choose. Participation is optional, but if you know me at all, you bet your ass I will be up there.

Jen - The Sequel

So, apparently my mom cyber-stalks me and reads my blogs (just kidding ma, that's what they are there for). She saw my recent post about my cousin, Jen, and decided to foward the link to her brother/Jen's Dad/my uncle, Jim. After reading it, he wrote me an email. As you will see below, he told me at the end of the email that I could MyFaceTwitterBlogBook it if I wanted, so here you go:


That tore me up... but I needed it.

I still don't understand the need to "bare all" in social networking. Do we need others to "feel us" that closely? Do we want them to? Does it strengthen or weaken our scociety? Does it advance the "Jerry Springer" effect which is quite simply human voyerism taken to the Nth degree?

I started a Facebook page once... lasted about two weeks before I realized I didn't really have time or the desire to hear about a "friend's" 10 favorite movies or wines... I will discuss that with a real friend over a beer and burrito.

Does validation from others help validate ourselves?

But I digress...

That being said, your mom sent me the link of what you wrote and I'm glad she did. That was obviously from the heart and although I don't wish anyone undue pain, I am glad to see that I am not the only one (I knew it though) that feels the way you do about Jen.

I think about her every day.

Recently, a young man that used to work for me took his own life. I won't go into the details, but he had a super bright future and was probably in the top two most intelligent people I had ever met. I went to his parents house and sat with them for a few hours and shared with them the story of Jennifer. I wanted to share with them my experiences and maybe help them with what to expect from friends and family in the near future. I wanted to share with them what I had experienced over the last eight years. In doing that, I connected with Jen like never before... can't even begin to explain it.

I told them how in the beginning, my thoughts of her would make me cry. I would be helping a customer at work and out of no where, it would hit me and I would have to excuse myself and go find a private place to cry. When I use to smoke (never in the house), I would stand outside of my garage and stare at the stars, think of her and cry. I think she told me to stop doing that and that is probably why I quit smoking 7 years ago. Anyway, at some time (I don't know when), thinking of her would make me smile and I started looking forward to my daily thoughts of Jen. I showed them pictures of her and they couldn't get over how beautiful she was. I kept thinking to myself that this was supposed to be about Chad but they kept talking about Jen.

She affects people long after she is gone... that means something.

Whole point of this is... thank you for sharing. Thank you for loving.

You can MyFaceTwitterBlogBook this if you want.

With love,

Unk Jim

To which I responded, "I think that's why I do it." because I received messages from friends who have been through something similar and thanked me for sharing my experience. We are not as unique and alone as we sometimes feel.

In other interesting news, a couple of nights after my visit from Jen, I also recieved a visit from my Papa. I think those two are up to something up there. I'm glad they have each other there even though we miss them mucho down here.

WTF Wednesday - 'tard Edition

Apparently my womanly (read Beyonce-esque) body isn't really made for a leotard and tights. Especially the tights. Notice how they are cutting my body in half? Isn't that nice? Apparently in the world of ballet, I am an extra large. And no, they don't carry a bigger size. I asked.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pure Awesomeness

I saw these on Jen Lancaster's blog and had to repost them here. So much entertainment and hilarity:

Happy Friday!

Winner, Winner - Chicken Dinner!

OMG, I never win ANYTHING, ever. Last night I went to an open house event to try some of the food for our winter event for work this year and I entered a couple of raffles. I got a call today that I WON!

The prize?

A $50 gift card to Ten22 in Old Sacramento! I checked it out online and apparently it's in the new builing/loft space they built in 2008 and it's received great reviews on Yelp. With our 2 year anniversary on Monday, this will be great!

I'll be sure to let you all know how it is.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm so EXCITED, and I just can't hide it

I went to the Folsom Lake campus yesterday to find my classroom so I would be prepared on Monday when I arrive for my first class. First of all, let me say that Folsom Lake is a thousand times more awesome than American River College. I can say that because I spent 4 years there. FLC is so fresh and clean and new. This excites me.

What excites me more is that when I went to the Physical Education building and walked up the stairs, I saw my classroom. When I peeked in the doors, I saw a room lined with a barre and more portable barres in the middle of the room. I almost cried. I am getting emotional just writing this. Dance was such a huge part of my life for so many years and it really pained me to leave it behind for school and work and life. I wish they offered more dance classes after work so I could take jazz and hip hop too, but ballet will have to do for now. I am excited to get back to the basics of the positions and stretching and I am going to try to take it for what it is and not get frustrated or bored with the pace of the class if it's too slow.

If I could afford to take classes at a studio, I would, but all the people I used to dance with and would love to join again happen to dance at the most expensive studio ever. So, for now, the college campus will have to be my fix.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Now that I have your attention...

No, it's not mine.

I am going to be an AUNTIE! My brother and SIL are having a baby, due 2/26/2011, which just so happens to be my dad's birthday. I have known since Father's Day and was forced to keep it a secret until their 12 week appointment which was this morning. Here is the first pic of Ziggy:

I am beyond excited since I only live about 15 minutes away from them. Can't wait to find out more about this little one.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 10 = Fail

In fear of another migraine I decided to rest this morning. I feel like a total slacker with only 3 days of shred and one day of cardio this week, but I guess that's more than a lot of people can claim.

Going to a cabin with some friends this weekend. Thinking of throwing my laptop and weights in the car too. Better to have the option than not.

Back on track Monday morning with level 2. Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Almost 8 years ago, my cousin Jen passed away. She was 20 years old. She was working a temp job with no health insurance and got very ill with what the health clinic told her was just a virus they could do nothing for. They gave her some cough medicine with codeine to help her get some rest and sent her on her way. After being sick on and off for a couple of months, it got to the point where she couldn't keep anything down and was growing very weak. Her mom and boyfriend took her to the local hospital where they admitted her and gave her a medicated mask. We all drove down to Pleasanton to see her, but it was late and they wanted her to get some rest, so we just waved to her from the door way. Early the next morning she had a seizure and went into a coma. Apparently she had a respiratory strain of strep and since it had gone untreated for so long, she had become septic. They kept her on life support for about a week and she had several complications involving blood clots. One made it's way to her brain, which made her essentially brain dead. As hard as it was for my family, they decided to take her off of life support on January 9, 2003. Eight minutes later, she was gone.

You are probably wondering where the hell this is all coming from and why I decided to write about this today.

I stayed home from work today after waking up with a migraine. I thought I might be able to push through it, but I could barely open my eyes with the sensitivity to light. As I laid in my bed trying to go back to sleep, the construction workers building the house next door started their day of work. I made my way to the couch and fell back to sleep. During this painful sleep I had a crazy dream.

I dreamed that my family was on this motorcycle trip with a motorcycle club (this is not that crazy as my parents belonged to one for years). At one point in the trip we all stopped to rest and there was a rest area with couches and stuff. We were all sitting around reminiscing about Jen. At some point she just kind of showed up and was there interacting with us. As long as we were talking about her, looking at pics or videos, she would remain there. But the second we stopped for a moment, she would start to fade away. She would lose her energy and kind of fall asleep and then she would start to disappear. We knew we had to get back on the road, and as much as none of us wanted her to leave, we had to wrap things up there. She started to fall asleep and my uncle wrapped her in a blanket and held her in his arms and just started sobbing as she faded away. We were all crying pretty hysterically and as I started waking up I was whimpering. I sat up, head pounding and kind of let the dream sink in.

Then I started bawling. Like it just freaking happened.

Jen loved purple and butterflies. I have always been a fan of purple myself and already had purple bedding and curtains and stuff before JB and I moved in together. The guest room has my old bed in it, which means it has my old bedding and curtains too. I also made a collage frame for her memorial back then of pictures of us from when we were little until just shortly before she passed away. I told JB that the guest room was kind of going to be my Jen room. So I walked in there after waking from my dream and just sat and looked at the pics and cried, which made my head hurt even worse. I just felt like I really had to sit in the moment and let it resonate because I haven't had a visit (I believe that lost loved ones visit in dreams) from her in so long. I can't even remember the last one.

The saddest thing for me, aside from her life ending way too soon, was that after years of being apart, we had just started being a part of each others lives again. Somewhere along the way our moms (her mom was my uncle's first wife and my mom's BFF) had a falling out. With her living in the bay area, and me living in Sacramento, we only really saw each other on holidays. Once we could actually drive ourselves places, we were both in serious relationships and at that time, she was with someone who was very controlling. So, it wasn't until I was about 20, when we all gathered in Pinecrest to spread my Papa's ashes, that we reconnected and started making trips to see each other. She even drove all the way to Sacramento to get me and drive me back down to her place for the weekend when my license was restricted due to an MIP (minor in possession; got caught drinking at Folsom Lake on the 4th). I was so happy when we reconnected and started making an effort to be a part of each others' lives.

I remember when I got the call from my mom about what happened with the clot and they were going to go down and be with my family when they took her off life support. I didn't want to go. I had already seen her in the hospital with a machine breathing for her and swollen from all of the fluids they were pumping into her, and I didn't want to replay that moment in my head for the rest of my life. But I did leave work and go home. I remember being in my Jetta listening to Christina Aguilera and crying a little. But having experienced so much loss at such a young age, it just didn't hit me as hard at that moment.

I can go a long time without thinking about it, just like the rest of them. But once in a while I will hear a song, or think about the fact that she will never be a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I kind of lose it for a minute. JB has walked in on a couple of these and he just really doesn't know what to do in that moment. The truth is, there is really nothing he can do. I'm sad that he never got to know her.

I'm really thankful for the visit, even if it does cause me a little bit (okay a lot) of pain.

Day 9.5 = Fail

It finally happened. But I think waking up with a migraine is a good enough reason to miss 30 Day Shred. Especially since I am still on the couch. I took something, but it barely took the edge off the pain. Boo.

Tomorrow is my day 10 and I will make it happen.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 9 = Success

I hit the snooze button an extra time today and it almost ended me. I definitely didn't pop out of bed like I have been. And today was the first day I really didn't want to do it. The other days I didn't even stop to think about it.

No cardio last night because I had to run an errand for work at the end of the day that took me closer to home than a gym. I have to get it in today and tomorrow.

Went to the doc this morning and was not pleased to see that my weight has steadily increased over the last few months. Not happy today.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 8 = Success

No cardio after work yesterday. I was going to go home and clean the house since we will be gone this weekend, but by the time I got home I had a headache and stomach ache. WTF?

It was difficult to get up this morning, but I did it. Two more days in level one. I thought I might be acclimated to the workout by now, but it's still somewhat challenging. No sore muscles though. I wonder what level 2 will bring?

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 7 = Success

I didn't sleep very well last night, so I was worried I wouldn't want to get up this morning. I got through day 7 of 30 Day Shred. Only 3 more days in level one and then I move to level 2.

I was telling JB that this workout actually works for me and here's why; there are 3 circuits of strength training/cardio/abs and the workout is only 20 minutes long. The harder exercises are in the first two circuits, so by the time you get to the third, you know you can make it because there is such a short period of time left. All of my muscle groups get worked and I break a really good sweat. It's not long enough for me to get bored and the circuits aren't so long that I don't feel like I can make it through. The whole thing is right up my alley and very doable.

Cardio after work! I'm trying to decide if I want to just head downstairs and knock it out, or if I want to hit up some TKB. Supposedly Jillian is working on some new stuff to be released next year. Can't wait to see what she comes up with.

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Day 6.5 = Karate Kid

I got my workout Sunday Daniel-san style. We did some more work on staining the fence. If you don't get the karate kid reference, you don't deserve to read my blog.

Interesting turn of events while staining the fence though. We took back the 3 one gallon cans of stain and traded it in for a 5 gallon since the fist section we did took 3 gallons alone. We found the right stain, and two were stacked on top of each other, so JB grabbed the one to the right that had nothing on top of it. We didn't even think to double check it. It wasn't until we had painted the first half of the fence on the other side of the house and refilled with the new 5 gallon drum, that we thought the color looked different. Woops.

Since we couldn't return the opened container and we weren't about to waste $100, we just decided to keep going and we could go over the lighter color later. Our main concern is getting the thing sealed, the color is not that important to us.

We actually really like the darker, more red color that we accidentally got. We'll see what happens. All we have left is the back section. Our neighbors decided to either empty or overfill their sorry excuse for a pool in their yard on Saturday, which flowed through the fence into our yard, so for fear of the boards being wet, we decided to wait on that.

I can't wait until we are done with this project.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bike Jokes

I'm checking my email this morning and as usual, I check the inbox first, which still contains a lot of spam. After that, I check my spam mail. I usually browse through it before I delete everything because sometimes random stuff that should go to my inbox has ended up there. Today I saw one that really made me laugh. It was from "Bike Jokes" and was titles Riding Bikes Jokes. I found this hilarious because somebody probably will get that and think "I love a good bike joke!" and open it and then have some crazy virus or be getting porn mail all the time. People are so stupid.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 6 = Success

Didn't wake up til 9am, but I managed to keep my motivation long enough to get through my workout before enjoying the day at mom's house for her birthday.

Pretty good day!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 5 = Success

One week down. Funny how I can drag my ass out of bed for a workout, but not just for work. I am going to fit in my shred before I head to mom's tomorrow and maybe on Sunday before we start housework.

Happy Friday!!!

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 4 = Success

I was a little worried last night that this morning might be my first fail. I had just fallen asleep last night when JB came blasting in from his 7:30 basketball game at 11pm (don't get me started). After keys jingling, shower doors slamming and toilets flushing I was out of the sleep zone.

He finally gets into bed and I get up to use the bathroom. I come back to bed and I hear a noise in the kitchen. I say "WTF was that?" and he doesn't answer. I reach over and he's not there. I get up to investigate and he comes walking back into the room in the dark and scares the bejesus out of me. Apparently he had gone to the kitchen for a snack before bed. SIGH.

Adrenaline pumping I get back in bed and of course I can't sleep. I am anxious and irritated. I toss and turn...and toss...and turn. To make matters worse I am bitter because he fell fast asleep about 5 seconds after getting in bed.

So, as the clock neared midnight I thought there was no way in hell I was going to make my 6am wake up call. But I did. No excuses. I even called Mrs. Awesome to give her the "Jillian Michaels wants to make you her bitch." wake up call she requested, but she didn't answer.

Cardio after work since I have a lunch meeting today. I got a little crazy with the calories yesterday, so today we will get back on track.

The weekend is almost here!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Little Secret

So, anyone who has known me for longer than a day (less in the summer months), knows that I have an obsession with body odor. I am always worried about being less than fresh in the arm pit area. I think I take my thoughts and judgements that I place on others and then obsess about them and make sure I am not one of those people. I just really can't understand how someone can have less than pleasant body odor. Good hygeine es muy importante.

For years I have struggled to find the right anti-perspirant/deodorant that will keep me fresh and protected all day long, no matter what that day brings. And for the past 17 years or so, I have not been as successful as I would like. Until now:

Secret Clinical Strength Sport. The name of the scent (Marathon Fresh) confuses me because I don't know how fresh you would smell after running a marathon. But maybe it means that you will smell fresh even after running one with this stuff. Not only does it work ALL DAY LONG on regular days, but also on hot summer days spent in the pool or on a boat (which has always been an even tougher challenge for me). Not to mention it has a delightful scent. Sometimes I get a whiff of it throughout the day and it's everything I can do not to start sniffing my armpit.

I stumbled upon this little gem at Girlfriend's house after a day of being out in the sun with my regular old former deoderant. Obviously I needed to reapply, so it's clear it was not working very well. I kept getting whiffs of it throughout the day and really enjoyed the scent. I thought, next time I need deoderant, I am going to try it. I almost changed my mind when I saw it was about $8 for a small thing of it, but let me tell you, it's more than worth it.

Day 3 = Success

How many times do you have to do something before it becomes a habit? And will the weekend throw me off the horse? I have learned that relying on JB is not an option because he doesn't get up until 6:20 now and I have to be up by 6am to make this happen. But I AM making it happen!

Unless K-Put and I go for a walk this evening, the only cardio I will get in today is my walk to and from the farmer's market at the park by my office at lunch. I'm okay with that as long as I get three days of additional cardio in during the week and I already have 2 under my belt.

Happy Hump Day Peeps!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2 = Success

It was a little bit harder to get up this morning, but I had to remind myself that it wasn't going to be any easier in 5, 10, 20 minutes and then I would be running late. So I made it through morning 2 and will probably get another 30 minutes of cardio in this evening.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1 = Success

I went to bed early last night so getting up at 6am didn't suck so bad. Had some technical difficulty with the DVD, but I got up and got it done! JB was still sleeping so I am proud I did it all by myself.

Lunch time will bring some cardio with my coworker, which means when the whistle blows this evening, I can just go home. So excited about this, you have no idea.

Happy Monday!!!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Life of a Homeowner

Another domestic weekend under my belt and it feels oh so amazing! There are things that I am awaiting the outcome of to blog about (no I am not pregnant), but as soon as I can, I will share all details available.

Saturday we got up early (8am is early for me on a weekend), got ready and headed to BB&B for a bridal shower gift for our friend, Ashlee. We ran a few more errands and had some lunch before heading home. I went to said bridal shower, which was the most efficient shower I have ever been to, which I love, and I even won a prize for having the most called out items in my purse, plus something no one else had. A retainer. Yes, I AM that cool. When I got home JB was still gone at his parents' house for his brother's bday dinner, so I got in a couple of hours of "me" time. Haven't had that in a while. We spend an hour or so over at the neighbors' house and then called it a night.

PS, Oxygen channel was showing some awesome movies this weekend. It was a Ryan Reynolds fest!

Today I slept til 9am, but we were off and running as soon as I got up. We headed to Home Depot for some materials to stain the fence and ward off unwanted bugs from the house, then we went to the grocery store so I could prepare dinner. We got to work on the fence as soon as we got home, but even with a sprayer it took waaaaaaaay longer than we were expecting. We only got two sections done and called it a day. JB sprayed for bugs while I trimmed the bushes in the walkway. We don't have many visitors anymore, but when we do, I would at least like them to be able to get to the door safely.

Rich came over to play NBA 2K10 with JB while I finished up dinner (pork tenderloin, lipton onion potatoes and broccoli with caramel turtle brownies for dessert). We don't normally have stuff like that for dessert, but it's Rich's birthday so we will take an excuse where we can get one. We are currently watching the free fights on Versus, which is a lot more interesting since I met some of these fighters at the UFC Fan Expo in Vegas recently.

The recipe for dinner called for 3/4 c of red wine and I couldn't let the rest of the bottle go to waste, so I am taking care of that now. It will help me get to bed early so I can get up and start my day with Jillian Michaels tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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