Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Started

For months I have been reading the blogs of my friends and family and wanting to start one of my own. I have done some blogging over the years on myspace, but realize that not everyone I know or want to see these things is part of that world. I have much to learn in this world, but am proud to finally be a member.

What's in a name?

While creating my profile here on blogspot, one question stumped me, "What do I want to call my blog?" What do I want to call my blog? I am a fan of alliteration, so I wanted something to go along with my name. It seems that "Bre's Blog" or something to that effect would be simple enough, but anyone who knows me, knows I am far from simple. I thought about "Blonde Ambitions", but didn't really want to be stereotyped or connected to a horrible Jessica Simpson flick. Also, when I googled it, I found another blogspot with that name. And finally I settled on this:

"Breezy In Bloom"

And here's why...

I am currently 27 and working on finishing up my masters degree in Human Resources. I have finally found a love that I wasn't sure existed. I have come to a great place in the friendships I hold near and dear to my heart. And I am working on family relationships that mean oh so much to me. In the past almost year, I have been going through a physical, mental and emotional transformation. I did, and am still doing, some soul searching and figuring out the person that I really want to be and the type of life I truly want to live. I am in bloom. Although I have been living for the past 27 years, I feel as though my life is just beginning and the journey is going to be amazing. I want to have a forum to share these things with family and friends.

Welcome to my blog.

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