Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remember That Time We Almost Sold Our House?

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I guess when you post something like "Hey, we're selling our house!", you should probably follow it up with an update of some sort to let people (especially family) know what the heck is going on in your life.

Well, we had some open houses and after about a month on the market, we received an offer.  We were so sad/excited and couldn't believe it was actually happening and that we had to find a rental and start organizing and packing!  We found a larger rental in our same neighborhood which we planned to share with JB's brother, and were starting to get excited about our plans to move.

Only, the day they were supposed to come and do their inspections, we instead received an email from their agent that they wanted to cancel the contract.  Apparently this buyer wasn't old enough to make her own decisions and her parents came in and told her she was making a hasty decision and should keep looking....

Well then...

We got kind of discouraged, but kept in on the market and had a few more open houses.  A few people came back and looked at it, but still no offers.  During this time, JB got a promotion at work, and we had discussed just having his brother rent a room from us (since we were all going to rent a place together anyway), which would still allow us to be paying off some things and building our savings while avoiding the whole moving fiasco.  We were also able to re-finance the house and lower our payment a couple hundred dollars.

So, there you have it.  We're staying.

My BIL (and his trusty furry sidekick, Larry) will be moving in this weekend and before they do we have to relocate the office to the loft upstairs and clean out the attic.  Which basically all has to be done, like, yesterday.  Works out well that JB is working split shifts right now because it gives me a chance to be productive in the evenings instead of snuggling on the couch watching Dexter on Netflix (we are currently at the beginning of season 6, so don't ruin anything for me, kthanks).

I have a couple of other things to catch up on, so maybe I will be doing some blogging while JB is working in the evenings too.  :)

Until then...

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