Friday, July 30, 2010

Boot Camp is Over, Now What?

As you all know, I have been singing the praises of Sacramento Downtown Adventure Boot Camp since I started in April. I even got a couple of friends to join in the "fun" and develop the same love/hate relationship. However, this last month was more of just a hate relationship for me, so I am hanging up my boot camp hat for now. I just got really burned out driving downtown and getting home late and dealing with the heat. The heat was a big issue for me as it kept me from having the energy to give my all. I would leave camp pissed off and frustrated with myself for acting like a little bitch. Not to mention, with other things I am currently saving money for, I don't have the funds to support this habbit.

I really wanted to try out Prime Time Boxing, since they have a location close to home and my work and they have morning camps I could actually go to before work (if I could get my ass out of bed). They do 4 week camps as well, all indoors that are focused on boxing training and workouts. It's non-contact, so I don't have to worry about breaking someone's face (okay, having mine broken). I really enjoy the kickboxing classes at the gym (although I realize boxing is a lot different), so I figured this would be a fun way to switch things up for a while. JB and I stopped in one day on the way home and checked the place out. The pricing was way too much for me to justify right now ($249 for one month) so until I can afford it, which will probably be next summer, I will have to figure out something else.

The boot camp we have been doing focuses more on functional strength training than it does on cardio. But since I get home so late 3 nights a week and am completely exhausted on the other days, I haven't really been able to work that in so much. My muscles are definitely there, now I just need to remove the layer that is covering them. So, for the next month I will be alternating the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video, getting up in the morning to do it before work, and fitting in some cardio either at lunch or after work. This means I can still get my fitness in and get home at a decent hour to take care of the rest of my life.

I have enlisted JB's help to get me out of bed in the mornings, because I really can't seem to do it on my own. Since the workouts are only 25 minutes from warm up to cool down, I don't have to get up a whole lot earlier and I can start my day on an awesome note. I also have her cardio DVD to do on the weekends. :) Plus, I found a lunch buddy to do cardio with in the gym downstaris at our office. Everything is better with a buddy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Tip

Leave a Clif Bar in your car on a hot summer day and when you leave work you will have a healthy snack that tastes like a fresh-out-of-the-oven peanut butter/chocolate chip cookie.

You're welcome.

It's a Record!

10 whole posts in one month!!! Okay, 9, because one of them was a re-post and not actually written by me. But still, my highest blogs/month count yet. Hopefully it only goes up from here!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sorry, I'm Busy

I don't know if people think I make up things so I don't have to hang out with them, or if they really don't understand how cluttered my schedule is, but people have a hard time letting me tell them no. I get questions, guilt trips, etc. when I tell people that I can't make it or say "possibly" and then later have to say no. I am not saying that my life is more special than someone else's, or more busy, but if I say no there is usually a valid reason.

During the week I "work" some variation of an 8-5 schedule. The past few months, I have been doing boot camp which requires an hour drive downtown from Folsom, an hour at boot camp, and a 30 minute drive home. This puts me home 3 nights a week somewhere between 7:30 and 8pm. I still have to prepare/eat dinner, shower, and get some kind of down time in before bed.

Every other week, I have a standing date with my friend K-Put. I work downtown every other Wednesday and we make it a point to get together at her place, have dinner, and catch up on the past couple of weeks. This works for both of us as it doesn't require extra driving for either of us, or spending much money. Rarely do we miss this and I appreciate that.

The last Friday of every month we have a "Ladies' Night" with all of the significant others from JB's group of friends. We have had out of town plans for the last couple of months on this night, so I have missed it, but I do look forward to seeing everyone and catching up over dinner/drinks.

As will often happen in the summer, the weekends are filled with travel plans. This is my fault, and I referred to this in my previous blog as well. Usually I make plans with whoever asks me first. My friends often joke that they have to get on my calendar months or even a year in advance, but it is what it is. I am working to make less plans out of town in order to be home more often.

Now, even if we are in town for the weekend, we usually have something going on one weekend day or the other that takes up at least half of our day, if not all of it. This usually leaves us 1/2 - 1 day to get every other thing we have on our list to do done, and maybe get a moment in of relaxation. We have been in our house for 7 months now and have yet to seal the grout or stain the fence. I need to catch up on balancing our accounts and paying bills. I need to rearrange the closet. We still have our regular housework to keep up on, etc.

So, the fact of the matter is, if I tell you "Sorry, I'm busy." that means I am either taking care of all those little things that pile up and I have no time to take care of, or more importantly, I am taking care of myself and my relationship. It's not because I have a better offer or that I just enjoy blowing people off. Fitting people in where I can is what fills up my calendar so quickly and leaves no room to take care of me. I enjoy my friends and my family and would spend all of my time with them if I could, but I wish they understood just how much I have going on and could expect less of me sometimes.

Lately I have been moody, exhausted, and generally lacking my usual lust for life. I want to stay in bed forever and blow off everything all together. I believe this is a result of burning the 3-wick candle at both ends. Sometimes I have to say "no" and I need to be okay with that, but so does everyone else.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Tip

Riding someone's ass on the road does not make them go faster or get over so you can pass them. If you want/need to go faster, GO AROUND THEM!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Weekend In Recent History

The summer has been busy to say the least. JB does not get excited when I fill his every moment with plans because that leaves less time for him to play NBA2K10. I tend to do this thing where I don't want to fill my time, so I purposely leave those weekends blank, but then something comes up and in order to avoid a guilt trip I pencil it in on my calendar and before I know it, we are gone for weekends at a time.

But not this weekend.

This weekend was lovely. Started out a little rough on Friday (casual Friday, that is) with me finding that none of my jeans fit me anymore. My butt has lifted and my thighs have gotten more muscular and I am hoping they won't button because my obliques are getting bigger, not my dinner-tube. So I went home and opened a bottle of wine and tried a new recipe - Green Bean Chicken. I used the low sodium teriyaki sauce, which was more expensive, but thought it was worth it for half the sodium. It was pretty tasty, but if I make it again, I will try a different sauce.

Saturday I slept in a little and then worked on the bloggy-blog (I'm learning slowly). We took my car in to get serviced and then went over to the mall since I now needed new jeans. Found a couple pairs at Express, along with a couple of cute tees, SCORE! Also got some necessities at Frederick's since they were having a sale. Later we picked up my car and went home to relax for a while before heading downtown for a 21st birthday pub crawl. I thought I was done with those, but apparently not. We definitely lost our mojo early and were home before 1am.

Sunday I got to sleep in again until JB woke me up asking if I wanted to go to the early bird showing of Inception. We made breakfast and then headed to the movies. It was an awesome movie, definitely recommend it. Afterwards we went over to Naturewood because they are having a huge sale. We got a letter in the mail since we got our couch from them for early sale prices. Wanted to search for an entertainment center, but found an affordable coffee table instead. We hit up Beach Hut for lunch and decided to do some free reading at Borders before heading home. We did a little bit of house work before having dinner and relaxing for the evening.

Sounds kind of boring and normal, but with all the hustle and bustle that the past couple of months has been filled with, it was nice to get stuff done and actually relax for once. We even had to turn down a couple of offers for a boat day. JB says I'm experiencing personal growth. LOL! Next up is sealing our grout and staining/sealing our fence...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply Awesome

Awesomeness is not given. It is the inherent ability to be awesome. Some of us have it, some of us don't. Those that try to attain awesomeness through works and deeds will never be as awesome as those who are born with it. I truly feel you were born to be awesome and that is why your awesomeness is so truly profound. I would know, because I am awesome too. This is not bragging, I am simply stating the truth. Ever heard the expression, "Takes one to know one"? This was made explicitly for awesome people to find those with true awesomeness. Unfortunately, there are more morons in this world than those that are truly awesome; so its true meaning has been lost through time.

Go forth and let others bask in the glory of your awesomeness. They will truly be better people by just looking at you in your complete awesomeness. Let your awesomeness let others know how truly awesome they are not, and take pity on them and make them your servants, for this will bring true meaning to their lives. I have wasted my lunch writing this email, and that is totally awesome.

Please feel free to share this awesome email chain with anyone who is truly awesome. Those that are not awesome have no business reading these glorious passages. Their eyes would completely burn out of their heads from the truly beautiful and awesome words that are written on these pages. They would blaze forth in such awesome glory that the un-awesome would be reduced to ash.

Be awesome to each other, and your awesomeness will flow forth like rivers of awesome beverage to the mouths of the truly thirsty for the incredible power of awesomeness. Those that bathe in the flow of awesomeness that are truly awesome will be revived in awesome glory; the un-awesome will perish in the flames of their own self-loathing.

From one person who bathes in awesomeness to another, let no un-awesome being ever steal your awesomeness from you. Kick them in the kneecap instead. This would be truly awesome.

"Laughter is like medicine that is loaded with sugar. It takes the pain away and makes your stomach hurt."
- Anonymous Awesome Person

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scales Are Evil

I have many friends who are currently on their own journey of fitness/weight loss and most of them rely heavily on a scale to tell them their accomplishments. I have never had a scale tell me what I wanted to hear.

Why do I weigh the same as I did 6 months ago, but wear a pants size that is two sizes smaller?

Because the scale doesn't know what it's talking about. When people are obsessed with the number on the scale, they don't stop and realize that even though they may weigh the same, or haven't lost as many pounds as they wanted, they are stronger now, healthier, composed differently (muscle v. fat).

But the scale steals that from them. Steals their accomplishment. Makes them feel like a failure because it doesn't tell them what they want to hear. It's true that you need a good measurement to rely on to figure out how far you have come since your starting point and no one method is 100% reliable, but the scale is by far the worst.

So many things factor into your daily weight. They say that you should always weigh yourself at the same time, every time, to get the most accurate reading. They say that first thing in the morning is better since you have not yet ingested anything. Weigh yourself naked so you aren't having to account for your clothing in your weight (because let's be honest, that shirt does not weigh 3 lbs.). If you HAVE to weigh yourself, it should be weekly, not daily, in order to make yourself less crazy. And it should always be on the same scale.

It kills me to hear people say, "I lost a pound and a half since yesterday!" or "I can't believe I'm up two lbs in two days!"

That's because you just went to the bathroom, or because you are retaining water, or because you ate lunch. Not because you suck at life and are a big fat fatty. I rarely ever step on a scale, and when I do, I remind myself why.

I challenge you to throw away your scale (or at least hide it) and see how much better you feel about those 2 pants sizes without a number telling you what it means. Do it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July Fun!

We didn't exactly have any plans for 4th of July this year, so the first part of the day we just laid around the house and updated our iTunes and iPods. Later we were invited to our friend's parents' house for some pool time, BBQ and fireworks. Her fam was awesome and a good time was had by all. Here are a few pics:

Happy America Day!!

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Nugget Fix

I haven't seen her in three weeks and it's killing me! Her mommy might bring her by the office tomorrow. Can't wait!

I just want to eat her up!!!

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Tahoe Weekend? Coming Right Up!

This weekend is the Sugarland concert in Tahoe!! I have been waiting for months since I bought our tickets and am so excited for a weekend in Tahoe. We rented my buddy's cabin at a discount rate and got two other couples to join us for the weekend to share the cost. One thing that worries me is that in the past, the lead singer has always blown out her voice right before a show in our neck of the woods and they have a show the night before. I'm hoping she pulls through and doesn't let me down. If they do, hopefully we get our money back and at least there are plenty of other things to do in Tahoe on a Saturday night. I will try to remember to take some pics and post next week after we get back.

Back To Boot Camp

So, after a month off to let my shoulder heal (I disclocated it near the end of May during boot camp) I am back in the game. With about a million other women. Apparently the guys decided to run a coupon on for new members to pay $35 for a month of camp and sold 609 of them. WTF? Our 6pm MWF class used to have like 7 people and now has 60. Pretty crazy. They have done a good job of organizing it so far and Tiff and Melissa and I can be used as examples and demos for different exercises and activities. It will be interesting to see how many people actually stick out the whole month and pay full price to come back next month.

Two of those people that got roped into boot camp are friends Callie, aka Skanky Pants, and Brittany (click for her comical take on camp) aka BLee. This boot camp is tough, and after listening to me about it for two months straight and trying to recruit these girls, I am proud that they finally decided to go for it. I think they will find out that they are stronger than they thought they were.

The first night of camp was on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday for most. I definitely regretted taking that month off during Tuesday's session. My recovery rate was terrible and I could not get my heart rate to slow between exercises which made me dizzy and out of breath. I wasn't feeling too sore yesterday and it seemed that my stamina was already starting to bounce back since I was able to make it through the agility circuits pretty well. Having to deal with the heat is definitely different now, so I am trying to adjust to that and stay in the shade as much as possible. I felt really good when we were done yesterday....

And then I woke up this morning.

I reached for my snooze button and almost cried out in pain. Then JB wanted to cuddle for a minute and I whimpered as I tried to turn over without using most of my muscle groups. Not.Even.Possible. Pretty much my favorite thing to do when my core is this sore is sneeze (insert sarcasm here). I don't know what hurts worse than contracting all of your sore core muscles unintentionally and not being able to stop it. Awesomeness.

Let this be a lesson to you folks not to take a month off of your fitness regimen as you will suffer serious consequences. It was nice to make it to some turbo kickboxing and lift classes at the gym, but it's just not the same as someone kicking your ass 3 days a week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogger FAIL!

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post! I thought having the new app on my phone would create more spur of the moment blogging opps, but apparently not. I have let my 10 followers down. Sorry kids. I actually had 6 blogs last month which was only topped by 7 blogs in the month of April. I really need to get on it. I'll see what I can do for my loyal fans. LOL!

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