Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Weekend In Recent History

The summer has been busy to say the least. JB does not get excited when I fill his every moment with plans because that leaves less time for him to play NBA2K10. I tend to do this thing where I don't want to fill my time, so I purposely leave those weekends blank, but then something comes up and in order to avoid a guilt trip I pencil it in on my calendar and before I know it, we are gone for weekends at a time.

But not this weekend.

This weekend was lovely. Started out a little rough on Friday (casual Friday, that is) with me finding that none of my jeans fit me anymore. My butt has lifted and my thighs have gotten more muscular and I am hoping they won't button because my obliques are getting bigger, not my dinner-tube. So I went home and opened a bottle of wine and tried a new recipe - Green Bean Chicken. I used the low sodium teriyaki sauce, which was more expensive, but thought it was worth it for half the sodium. It was pretty tasty, but if I make it again, I will try a different sauce.

Saturday I slept in a little and then worked on the bloggy-blog (I'm learning slowly). We took my car in to get serviced and then went over to the mall since I now needed new jeans. Found a couple pairs at Express, along with a couple of cute tees, SCORE! Also got some necessities at Frederick's since they were having a sale. Later we picked up my car and went home to relax for a while before heading downtown for a 21st birthday pub crawl. I thought I was done with those, but apparently not. We definitely lost our mojo early and were home before 1am.

Sunday I got to sleep in again until JB woke me up asking if I wanted to go to the early bird showing of Inception. We made breakfast and then headed to the movies. It was an awesome movie, definitely recommend it. Afterwards we went over to Naturewood because they are having a huge sale. We got a letter in the mail since we got our couch from them for early sale prices. Wanted to search for an entertainment center, but found an affordable coffee table instead. We hit up Beach Hut for lunch and decided to do some free reading at Borders before heading home. We did a little bit of house work before having dinner and relaxing for the evening.

Sounds kind of boring and normal, but with all the hustle and bustle that the past couple of months has been filled with, it was nice to get stuff done and actually relax for once. We even had to turn down a couple of offers for a boat day. JB says I'm experiencing personal growth. LOL! Next up is sealing our grout and staining/sealing our fence...

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