Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply Awesome

Awesomeness is not given. It is the inherent ability to be awesome. Some of us have it, some of us don't. Those that try to attain awesomeness through works and deeds will never be as awesome as those who are born with it. I truly feel you were born to be awesome and that is why your awesomeness is so truly profound. I would know, because I am awesome too. This is not bragging, I am simply stating the truth. Ever heard the expression, "Takes one to know one"? This was made explicitly for awesome people to find those with true awesomeness. Unfortunately, there are more morons in this world than those that are truly awesome; so its true meaning has been lost through time.

Go forth and let others bask in the glory of your awesomeness. They will truly be better people by just looking at you in your complete awesomeness. Let your awesomeness let others know how truly awesome they are not, and take pity on them and make them your servants, for this will bring true meaning to their lives. I have wasted my lunch writing this email, and that is totally awesome.

Please feel free to share this awesome email chain with anyone who is truly awesome. Those that are not awesome have no business reading these glorious passages. Their eyes would completely burn out of their heads from the truly beautiful and awesome words that are written on these pages. They would blaze forth in such awesome glory that the un-awesome would be reduced to ash.

Be awesome to each other, and your awesomeness will flow forth like rivers of awesome beverage to the mouths of the truly thirsty for the incredible power of awesomeness. Those that bathe in the flow of awesomeness that are truly awesome will be revived in awesome glory; the un-awesome will perish in the flames of their own self-loathing.

From one person who bathes in awesomeness to another, let no un-awesome being ever steal your awesomeness from you. Kick them in the kneecap instead. This would be truly awesome.

"Laughter is like medicine that is loaded with sugar. It takes the pain away and makes your stomach hurt."
- Anonymous Awesome Person

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