Meet The Blooms

Started Dating: August 23, 2008
Engaged: October 10, 2010
Married: June 26, 2011

Our Love Story

In the Fall of 2006, Breezy signed up for a Biggest Loser training promotion at 24 Hour Fitness and was randomly paired with JB as her trainer. After their sessions ended, Breezy went on her merry way and jetted off to one of her many fabulous trips to Las Vegas.

Six months later, in the Spring of 2007, Breezy was looking for some last minute training sessions a few weeks before a cruise with her friends and called JB. He was no longer with 24 Hour, but assured her that he could work something out to train her where he was currently working. After three weeks of training sessions, Breezy again went on her merry way.

The two kept in touch through emails with questions from JB regarding human resources issues, and questions from Breezy regarding fitness and nutrition. In the summer of 2008, the two realized they would both be visiting Las Vegas at the same time. They made plans for their groups to meet up and go out to a club one night. After hours of dancing (and maybe a lot of some drinking) the two shared their first kiss inside of the roof top club, Moon, in the Palms Hotel.

In their case, what happens in Vegas, does not stay there. They continued chatting after returning home and began dating about a month later.

More Fun Facts
(Idea stolen from Nikki's blog)

Did you go to the same school?
No way.  JB is 6 years older and grew up in a different part of town.

Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple?
For our honeymoon we went to Germany and Italy, so whichever one of those is farther is the answer.

Who has the worst temper?
Breezy fo sho!  I have definitely had to learn how to bite my tongue and censor myself at times.  Respect comes first.

Who does the cooking?
We both do!  Whoever is home first usually gets started on dinner.  Most of the time it's JB since I go to the gym after work, but on the weekends I make up for it.

Who is more social?
Definitely me.  JB has plenty of friends, but he doesn't actively try to make plans with them.  He just goes whenever he is invited.  I am the one that has several groups of friends and am always making plans to fill up our social calendar.  Given the choice, I'm sure he would rather stay home.

Who is the neat freak?
OMG, that would definitely be me.  JB always thinks the house is clean, but he doesn't realize that I am constantly going around when he isn't there and picking up everything.  As soon as he gets home, there is stuff out of place again...

Who hogs the bed?
I think we both have our stories on this one, but he likes to sleep on his back, spread eagle, and sometimes ends up elbowing me in the face.  We have a Cal King, but he's a big guy.  I use my body pillow to split the bed in half and provide a barrier from infiltration.

Who wakes up earlier?
Usually JB.  I have started getting up at the same time as him on the weekdays, but on the weekends, I like to sleep in.  He gets up at like 6:30am still.

Where was your first date?
We met up after I got off work one night and grabbed a drink at Chili's before we went to see Stepbrothers.  He said he knew he was going to marry me when I laughed my ass off at the fart scene.

How long did it take you to get serious?
 Vegas was July 12/13, we had our first official date in mid-August and considered ourselves a couple on August 23rd.  Of course we didn't decide that until much later, but I lived about 45 minutes from him at the time so I started staying entire weekends at his house pretty quickly.  I think we realized it was serious when I asked him if I could buy a separate set of toilettries to keep at his house so I didn't always have to pack them.

Who eats more?
JB, hands down.  Every time I give him a look about the amount of food on his plate he says, "What?  I'm bigger than you!"  And I respond with, "Yes, and I can see why."  I think I'm funny.

Who does laundry?
We each do our own laundry.  I don't want him shrinking all my clothes and I have no desire to do his laundry, so we do our own whenever it works into our separate schedules.

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