Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breezy Goes North - A Match Made in Blog Heaven, Part 3

Welcome back for our final installment of Breezy Goes North!! Can I get an AMEN??  If you missed parts 1 & 2, go check them out, I'll wait.

We left off with way too many adult beverages being consumed, leading to waking up with another slight hangover. This was the day we would head 3.5 hours back to Portland for another date night and a day of bumming around Portland before I had to head back to Sac.

After we got our bearings and got ready and packed, we hit the road. At this point there was no worry about filling another 3.5 hours of time with conversation because we felt like we had known each other for our entire lifetimes. We got checked into our fantasy suite room at the Marriott and hit up the concierge lounge for some apps to go with the cocktails we brought for the room. After more deep conversations, this time about religion, we headed out for a lovely dinner at Varitable Quandary, or VQ.

 photo portland18_zps4c71c715.jpg
The view from our room

 photo portland16_zps3b1d3c3b.jpg
Hot date

 photo portland14_zps40879bb3.jpg

 photo 6FA0C0A0-C8F4-49F1-A7DA-7D457DCA62E2-4928-000001F6D5A94F34_zps60cabd93.jpg
Veal.  NOM.

 photo portland21_zps36064251.jpg
That girl loves her some duck farts
After dinner we headed back to the hotel bar for some more drinks and conversation.

 photo portland11_zps2bbac503.jpg

And then this happened...

Raven joined Vine, so we had the waitress take a video of us taking more duck fart shots. Little did I know what Raven had planned. The timing of the video could not have been more perfect. I laugh so hard whenever I watch it. Simply amazing.

The next day we dragged our haggard asses out of bed and got read for our day of bumming around Portland. We had lunch at this amazing cafe and then walked from one end of town to the other in search of Voodoo Donuts. And donuts we did find.

 photo CA77647C-D2B9-41E9-AB11-1CF62E98CBBD-4928-000001F6D7BE103E_zps209b6c89.jpg

 photo B897335D-A457-435F-9C0D-0CC3973F580F-4928-000001F6DC33A7F1_zps708c4ce0.jpg

 photo D7DF168F-47D1-4159-A281-5610F493D2BC-4928-000001F6D9D007DD_zps63a0c0d5.jpg

 photo CB15F7BC-AFEC-407C-B49E-005EEE2385CC-4928-000001F6DF458ADC_zps43c66d07.jpg

 photo BF71F3E9-6880-48DC-85BA-7917C25D99EE-4928-000001F6E2FD7EE2_zps8acbba54.jpg
She didn't understand why I wanted to take a pic of this with all of the amazing sights in Portland

 photo AF81B240-AAE6-406D-AB78-04AC04A9FD8D-4928-000001F6E4EB23C4_zpsb14ddd38.jpg

 photo F73731C6-17F3-4AA5-95D5-3AF50BF53FB5-4928-000001F6E6EDEE94_zps60127a84.jpg

 photo 8B86A29B-7E64-43FF-8B7A-86112424FB2B-4928-000001F6EAFE26EA_zpsf3dac4b7.jpg

 photo 78276F3B-07F9-4BDB-BDC8-2D7B9725E7F1-4928-000001F7908F9D8C_zpsa839174d.jpg

After we returned from our trip to the donut shop, reality started sinking in that we only had a couple of hours left before my departure. We made our way back to the airport where we exchanged a magical hug and promises that it wouldn't be too long before we saw each other again. Since crying makes Ravey-poo uncomfortable, I waited until she was out of sight to shed a tear or two. It was so hard to leave this person I felt had become such a huge part of my life in such a short period of time.

As I relayed this story to my sister the other day, I told her "If I weren't married and this had been someone of the opposite sex, I would probably consider relocating my life to Tri-Cities." LOL! I have read about other bloggers' experiences with meeting each other, but never really understood what they felt until I experienced it for myself. I would love nothing more than to be just a short drive from Raven so we could share a cup of coffee or a cocktail on a regular basis. JB and I are going to try our hardest to make it back there for the boat races this summer, and supposedly Raven and Rob will be heading my way to visit a new baby in the family. All I know is our next meeting can't happen soon enough!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breezy Goes North - A Match Made in Blog Heaven, Part 2

Day 2 (read day 1 here) in the Tri-Cities was nothing short of domestic bliss with these folks, minus Rob cuz he was fishing...

 photo fam_zps539a67f8.jpg

The guest room at the Smith Manor consists of a bed in a loft nook just outside of the bedroom doors of Raven's two angel babies. Even sleeping with my earplugs in, I was awakened by the shrill screams from Coltie in the middle of the night. Raven had warned me that if anyone woke up crying in the middle of the night, she would be there to take care of it, so not to worry. It still scared the shit out of me.

I awoke in the morning to Gunner hopping up on the bed asking me who I was. I informed him that I was a friend of his mother's and that he should go see her with any questions. I promptly dozed off, only to be interrupted a short while later by the same adorable child, this time in a towel, asking me to get up and come play race cars with him. How could I resist.

I headed downstairs to find Raven passed out in her bed with Coltie sitting next to her watching cartoons. She informed me that Colt had thrown up in his crib in the middle of the night and proceeded to puke a few more times in her bed after she brought him downstairs. Poor guy. He seemed to be fine that morning though, so all was well. As soon as she introduced me to him, he promptly climbed out of the bed and into my lap. Both kids took to me immediately, actually. It was pretty adorable.

 photo portland26_zps3c275e50.jpg

We took Gunner to school and then headed back home for a couple of hours to have breakfast and coffee, before returning to pick him up.

 photo 75840_4196635594575_660495913_n_zps33464e68.jpg

After we picked up G-Man, we ran a couple of errands, like returning a chicken costume to the party rental store, and dropping off a puke-covered duvet at the dry cleaners.

 photo F6BBD950-A4FB-4804-8AA0-1E671D083454-4928-000001F6BCDFD921_zps0be1ee87.jpg

When we got back to the house, Raven showed me how to bring the garbage can up from the curb, lazy-chick style:

I knew I only had a small window of time to get my fitness on before we started our day drinking, so I showed the boys how to work it out.

 photo EC9D6F2E-1B31-400B-AEEC-5189EBD6EC89-4928-000001F6C5AAA1F2_zps05223112.jpg

 photo portland25_zps71726721.jpg

Once I got my workout out of the way, we put the boys down for their naps and I experienced some Dr. Phil with a cocktail, Raven-style.

 photo 137598B2-8AD8-4124-9CFC-932A719CCAF6-4928-000001F6C65FA2A8_zps76a7f013.jpg

Dude's in-laws tried to straight up kill him in their garage. That shit cray!

After a couple of hours of lounging, we decided to get off our asses and start getting ready. Raven was taking me to the country club for dinner, so I had to look legit. After the boys woke up from their nap, Mama Piper came over to get the boys so we could have date night. We enjoyed dinner at the country club, where Ravey-Poo photo lurked me in the bathroom.

 photo 11_zpsa7d8157d.jpg

Dinner was followed by a drink or two at a local bar. Pretty sure it was college night. The drinks were weak and the crowd was young, so we took our bad selves home to continue the party our way.

The rest of the night got a little fuzzy, but I think there was more trashy television and deep conversations before crashing out for the night.

Saturday we woke up slightly hungover. We stopped by her sister's house to drop something off and see Poppy, the most perfect little baby you will ever see.

 photo 63F49C9F-AF4F-4516-9A12-8F2AC096531C-4928-000001F6D0569B6F_zpsd2650b87.jpg

We met Mama Piper to pick up the boys and then headed to the grocery store to stock up on stuff to make wraps and pizza, plus we were out of booze. The kids were running crazy through the store and my blood pressure was through the roof by the time we got out of there. I honestly don't know how she does it. It was pretty close to nap time, we hadn't eaten yet, and there may have been a minor meltdown in the parking lot...

 photo 637281A0-0E05-4094-876E-A082A6442846-4928-000001F6D26BCB55_zpsd8cd1421.jpg

We got home and I promptly made wraps and adult beverages while Raven put the boys down for their naps.

 photo bobs2_zps017ec359.jpg

I have been obsessed with these things since I left Kennewick and have eaten my weight in them. So goooooooooood.

After naptime there was more playing, Pocoyo, screaming, crying for no reason, looking through photo album after photo album of Raven's ridiculous photo shoots (girl loves a camera...), jumping on the trampoline, taking a tour of their yacht boat, playing with the puppy, consuming cocktails (adults only), and bath time (kids only) before bedtime.

 photo C14788C8-B209-40D9-9AB0-427DE52B70A0-4928-000001F6CB1A23DD_zpsff74e6a8.jpg

 photo portland27_zps27141001.jpg

Once we put the kids to bed, Raven made me one of her famous veggie pizzas on the traeger.

 photo 16888_3820362067972_1606182065_n_zps43e6fc96.jpg

Raven assumed her position in her chair, with her computer, and the puppy by her side while we drank, watched more amazing television, continued to pause the TV to have in-depth conversations about society, politics, relationships, blogging, etc., and stuff our faces with pizza until bedtime.

Like I said, domestic bliss!

Check back later this week for my final recap...our overnight in the fantasy suite Portland!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!!

Yes, I still call him Daddy. And yes, today he turns 60! We had a partay for him on Saturday night. Friends and family were in abundance for a NASCAR-themed event.

 photo 6F69AFD6-9180-4002-9305-49F2DBFD2BF1-4928-000001F76FC19824_zps16b7038a.jpg

Photo-collages at parties are the best! I never realized how much I looked like my dad until I go older and someone pointed it out with a picture from my college graduation party. Looking at these old pics of him, I see it even more. That top right pic, the glamour shot? My favorite picture of my father that has ever been taken. He's so blue steel in that picture. I tell so many people about that picture and I am so glad it's still around in all its glory.

 photo 818EEF73-BDF4-42FF-992C-30F82D6A4529-4928-000001F76DB7A04A_zps1c79a9e0.jpg
Me and the birthday boy!

 photo AE0A7A69-A7A2-4B4F-8ACA-63C0C5B1084D-4928-000001F766C79913_zpse2b3a273.jpg
Some of the spread

 photo DB48C40E-49FF-4DC9-84E1-8DDEEE1C027C-4928-000001F7692C1DC8_zps98ca5f3e.jpg
His cake

 photo EAA24633-F5D4-41BF-A632-859C2BE15918-4928-000001F76BA68C5E_zps08be1d54.jpg
Drinking out of the water bottle?  What's next, college?

 photo 519D3C52-15B1-4649-AECD-41D257C15FA7-4928-000001F77E833131_zpsa7c20abf.jpg
Opening gifts

 photo 33C26FCD-DFA7-4CD8-B079-7FC7C0D160AC-4928-000001F770602569_zpsc95e058e.jpg
Thanking Monkey for his gift

 photo 2956A4B2-C8F1-4B12-96BE-0AE4CDBC94CD-4928-000001F7756DA07B_zps4f5cd89e.jpg
Just some random people that don't know each other...J/K - siblings!!

 photo 50C4C49D-8B85-471E-AC50-296F2B646201-4928-000001F77763AD1B_zps4e8126c4.jpg
Happy Birthday Song!

 photo A4E22E6E-FF6E-4F12-9686-F67F1C7BEB20-4928-000001F772531D67_zpsc6d42d08.jpg
The Many... 

 photo 7CE4C7AA-93D1-44DE-805B-5BBF093B68E4-4928-000001F773513040_zpsf91e22d4.jpg
Faces Of...

 photo 9D12A293-06DF-4EB3-8871-7234BF9C24B6-4928-000001F7746CDBC4_zpsa13540ae.jpg

 photo 1D1D02BE-76D6-4073-8245-1CF1232DE1B2-4928-000001F77D51E5E0_zpsf88f54a2.jpg
Don't mind my chins...

 photo 1332B184-0212-4B6C-9A6B-B7A5DDEC4CA2-4928-000001F77B089EA5_zps6b0ea9ac.jpg
Dad and his daughters

 photo C1404A0C-3998-475D-B111-7B58AB35458D-4928-000001F77C2A6C4E_zpse2d9d538.jpg
Dad and Seesters...missing Lauren this time

 photo 9AFCDB3D-57D4-48D3-B926-430BF229EF6D-4928-000001F779926F22_zps9d6ab3bb.jpg
Another one with his sissies.

Happy birthday dad!  I can't believe you are the big 6-0!!  Here's to many, many more birthdays ahead!  I love you!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Breezy Goes North - A Match Made in Blog Heaven, Part 1

I am fully aware that this post is long overdue. I figured I owed it to everyone to get this one out there first and then I can do a catch-up post for all of the other happenings in my life.

In order to keep this from being the longest post in the history of blogger, I am splitting up my visit into a few different blogs. But first, a disclaimer.

 photo F346FF2D-473D-4CA8-ACC4-A1B7F9777DA6-4928-000001F6B765FD06_zps11733592.jpg

More than a year ago I found Raven's blog through a couple of other blogs that I follow. I have to be honest, at first I wasn't hooked. A mommy blogger that I probably didn't have anything in common with? No thanks. But, one day I read a guest post she did on another blog and I thought she was pretty funny, so I added her to my reader and gave it a shot. A couple of months later, I added her on FB, and one day I decided to say hi via chat. I didn't even introduce myself, I just jumped right into a conversation like we were already friends. Weird? Maybe. But who cares?

She had just posted the blog about her mom cutting her precious child's hair while she was away on a vacation with her husband so I just asked her if she had a heart attack when the pic came through on her phone. I won her over with my humor and wit.  A few hundred messages later, and we exchanged phone numbers. A few million messages, texts, and face time phone calls later, I purchased a plane ticket to go spend 4 days with her in Tri-Cities, Washington...

I never mentioned it on here before I left because I knew I would get some flack from my family and friends, especially those that don't blog. People who don't blog never understand. People who date online understand a little bit more. I liken it to a pen-pal. We all had those when we were little, whether they were in other states or other countries. The internet just makes things easier. If you think about it, when you very first meet someone, you don't know them at all. You don't know anything about them. Maybe you meet through mutual friends, but how well does your mutual friend know them? I mean, it's not like I went to visit her a week or two after "meeting her". It was a year-long courtship.  JB thought it was weird at first, but every night he saw me giggling and texting and would say, "How's Raven?" and would sometimes get jealous that I was texting her all night instead of hanging out with him.  He trusted my judgement and knew that if I thought it was fine, it was fine.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get down to business...

I think both of us were excited, but a little nervous to meet each other. I mean, what if she wasn't as awesome as I thought she was in text? When texting her about picking me up at the airport, I kept asking her if she was working on my billboard. I wanted something sparkly and bright that screamed my name at the airport so I would know where to find her. Her response? "Oh, you just wait..." I definitely didn't expect this:

 photo 4447E88F-662A-4B5E-834A-5D1F5BA26403-4928-000001F796BE1927_zps42e57f8c.jpg

As soon as I came down the escalator and saw the back of a chicken suit, I knew it was her. She was mad that I knew, but come on, who else would be cuckoo enough to wear a chicken suit at the airport? Besides that, I didn't see her anywhere and I knew she had been there for a while. When I walked up to her, there were people asking her to take her picture. She was pointing a camera at me like a freaking stalker, but wouldn't say anything. She wouldn't take off her chicken head until I threatened to hug her if she didn't reveal herself.

 photo chicken_zps9298154e.jpg

Since my free Southwest flight didn't fly into the airport closest to her house, I flew into Portland and we had a 3.5 hour drive to get through before we could even socially lubricate ourselves with a drink. The time seemed to fly by and before I knew it, we were at her sprawling mansion house with a drink in our hands.

 photo 59494_4173708541413_584315027_n_zps6a7fd27e.jpg

We had to take G-Man to school in the morning, so after saying hello to her handsome husband, Rob, and having a drink, we called it a night.

Check back on Wednesday for my recap of domestic life in Kennewick...

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