Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!!

Yes, I still call him Daddy. And yes, today he turns 60! We had a partay for him on Saturday night. Friends and family were in abundance for a NASCAR-themed event.

 photo 6F69AFD6-9180-4002-9305-49F2DBFD2BF1-4928-000001F76FC19824_zps16b7038a.jpg

Photo-collages at parties are the best! I never realized how much I looked like my dad until I go older and someone pointed it out with a picture from my college graduation party. Looking at these old pics of him, I see it even more. That top right pic, the glamour shot? My favorite picture of my father that has ever been taken. He's so blue steel in that picture. I tell so many people about that picture and I am so glad it's still around in all its glory.

 photo 818EEF73-BDF4-42FF-992C-30F82D6A4529-4928-000001F76DB7A04A_zps1c79a9e0.jpg
Me and the birthday boy!

 photo AE0A7A69-A7A2-4B4F-8ACA-63C0C5B1084D-4928-000001F766C79913_zpse2b3a273.jpg
Some of the spread

 photo DB48C40E-49FF-4DC9-84E1-8DDEEE1C027C-4928-000001F7692C1DC8_zps98ca5f3e.jpg
His cake

 photo EAA24633-F5D4-41BF-A632-859C2BE15918-4928-000001F76BA68C5E_zps08be1d54.jpg
Drinking out of the water bottle?  What's next, college?

 photo 519D3C52-15B1-4649-AECD-41D257C15FA7-4928-000001F77E833131_zpsa7c20abf.jpg
Opening gifts

 photo 33C26FCD-DFA7-4CD8-B079-7FC7C0D160AC-4928-000001F770602569_zpsc95e058e.jpg
Thanking Monkey for his gift

 photo 2956A4B2-C8F1-4B12-96BE-0AE4CDBC94CD-4928-000001F7756DA07B_zps4f5cd89e.jpg
Just some random people that don't know each other...J/K - siblings!!

 photo 50C4C49D-8B85-471E-AC50-296F2B646201-4928-000001F77763AD1B_zps4e8126c4.jpg
Happy Birthday Song!

 photo A4E22E6E-FF6E-4F12-9686-F67F1C7BEB20-4928-000001F772531D67_zpsc6d42d08.jpg
The Many... 

 photo 7CE4C7AA-93D1-44DE-805B-5BBF093B68E4-4928-000001F773513040_zpsf91e22d4.jpg
Faces Of...

 photo 9D12A293-06DF-4EB3-8871-7234BF9C24B6-4928-000001F7746CDBC4_zpsa13540ae.jpg

 photo 1D1D02BE-76D6-4073-8245-1CF1232DE1B2-4928-000001F77D51E5E0_zpsf88f54a2.jpg
Don't mind my chins...

 photo 1332B184-0212-4B6C-9A6B-B7A5DDEC4CA2-4928-000001F77B089EA5_zps6b0ea9ac.jpg
Dad and his daughters

 photo C1404A0C-3998-475D-B111-7B58AB35458D-4928-000001F77C2A6C4E_zpse2d9d538.jpg
Dad and Seesters...missing Lauren this time

 photo 9AFCDB3D-57D4-48D3-B926-430BF229EF6D-4928-000001F779926F22_zps9d6ab3bb.jpg
Another one with his sissies.

Happy birthday dad!  I can't believe you are the big 6-0!!  Here's to many, many more birthdays ahead!  I love you!!

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