Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breezy Goes North - A Match Made in Blog Heaven, Part 3

Welcome back for our final installment of Breezy Goes North!! Can I get an AMEN??  If you missed parts 1 & 2, go check them out, I'll wait.

We left off with way too many adult beverages being consumed, leading to waking up with another slight hangover. This was the day we would head 3.5 hours back to Portland for another date night and a day of bumming around Portland before I had to head back to Sac.

After we got our bearings and got ready and packed, we hit the road. At this point there was no worry about filling another 3.5 hours of time with conversation because we felt like we had known each other for our entire lifetimes. We got checked into our fantasy suite room at the Marriott and hit up the concierge lounge for some apps to go with the cocktails we brought for the room. After more deep conversations, this time about religion, we headed out for a lovely dinner at Varitable Quandary, or VQ.

 photo portland18_zps4c71c715.jpg
The view from our room

 photo portland16_zps3b1d3c3b.jpg
Hot date

 photo portland14_zps40879bb3.jpg

 photo 6FA0C0A0-C8F4-49F1-A7DA-7D457DCA62E2-4928-000001F6D5A94F34_zps60cabd93.jpg
Veal.  NOM.

 photo portland21_zps36064251.jpg
That girl loves her some duck farts
After dinner we headed back to the hotel bar for some more drinks and conversation.

 photo portland11_zps2bbac503.jpg

And then this happened...

Raven joined Vine, so we had the waitress take a video of us taking more duck fart shots. Little did I know what Raven had planned. The timing of the video could not have been more perfect. I laugh so hard whenever I watch it. Simply amazing.

The next day we dragged our haggard asses out of bed and got read for our day of bumming around Portland. We had lunch at this amazing cafe and then walked from one end of town to the other in search of Voodoo Donuts. And donuts we did find.

 photo CA77647C-D2B9-41E9-AB11-1CF62E98CBBD-4928-000001F6D7BE103E_zps209b6c89.jpg

 photo B897335D-A457-435F-9C0D-0CC3973F580F-4928-000001F6DC33A7F1_zps708c4ce0.jpg

 photo D7DF168F-47D1-4159-A281-5610F493D2BC-4928-000001F6D9D007DD_zps63a0c0d5.jpg

 photo CB15F7BC-AFEC-407C-B49E-005EEE2385CC-4928-000001F6DF458ADC_zps43c66d07.jpg

 photo BF71F3E9-6880-48DC-85BA-7917C25D99EE-4928-000001F6E2FD7EE2_zps8acbba54.jpg
She didn't understand why I wanted to take a pic of this with all of the amazing sights in Portland

 photo AF81B240-AAE6-406D-AB78-04AC04A9FD8D-4928-000001F6E4EB23C4_zpsb14ddd38.jpg

 photo F73731C6-17F3-4AA5-95D5-3AF50BF53FB5-4928-000001F6E6EDEE94_zps60127a84.jpg

 photo 8B86A29B-7E64-43FF-8B7A-86112424FB2B-4928-000001F6EAFE26EA_zpsf3dac4b7.jpg

 photo 78276F3B-07F9-4BDB-BDC8-2D7B9725E7F1-4928-000001F7908F9D8C_zpsa839174d.jpg

After we returned from our trip to the donut shop, reality started sinking in that we only had a couple of hours left before my departure. We made our way back to the airport where we exchanged a magical hug and promises that it wouldn't be too long before we saw each other again. Since crying makes Ravey-poo uncomfortable, I waited until she was out of sight to shed a tear or two. It was so hard to leave this person I felt had become such a huge part of my life in such a short period of time.

As I relayed this story to my sister the other day, I told her "If I weren't married and this had been someone of the opposite sex, I would probably consider relocating my life to Tri-Cities." LOL! I have read about other bloggers' experiences with meeting each other, but never really understood what they felt until I experienced it for myself. I would love nothing more than to be just a short drive from Raven so we could share a cup of coffee or a cocktail on a regular basis. JB and I are going to try our hardest to make it back there for the boat races this summer, and supposedly Raven and Rob will be heading my way to visit a new baby in the family. All I know is our next meeting can't happen soon enough!


Raven said...

Ahhhhh this made me so sad!! I loved when you said you would consider moving to the tricities to be near me!!! Awwwwwe!!!! I feel the same!! We are connected now forever and ever!! Love you miss you love you miss you!!!!!

Kiera Jean said...

I absolutely loved reading your story! I have made a life long friend through blogging too, how wonderful is it? I'll be sharing this story with her now! xx

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