Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ballet - Week 1


As anyone who has ever taken a college course knows, the first day is all about the syllabus. There were lots of packets to pick up at the front of the room, one of them being a release waiver. As we went through the syllabus together, I learned that there would be much more of an academic side to this class than I had hoped for. Although I checked the website several times and there were no books listed for the course, the syllabus showed that there were two required texts, along with a dress code of a black leotard, pink tights, and split sole ballet slippers. Further inspection of the syllabus noted a project presentation, a performance critique, and a final exam. We are allowed to have a 3 x 5 note card for that so something tells me it might be difficult.

After class I headed to the bookstore on campus to get my two books and a scantron for the final. I know it's not til December, but this will save me a trip to the bookstore when it's cold and rainy. Much to my surprise and pleasure, the two books only totaled $40.00. Again, if you have taken a college course, you know this is almost unheard of. One of the books is a dictionary of terms for ballet and the textbook actually has different positions and moves with pics and descriptions and also shows the incorrect way to do it so you can see the difference. Pretty helpful actually.

The next day I went to the dance wear store, which was quite a treat. First, apparently they think dancers don't have jobs because most of them close at 5pm. Luckily I found one near my work that was open til 6:30. Second, the store clerk immediately took me to the L/XL section, so that was awesome. I picked a few and tried them on. My torso was too long for all of them and the styles of them are not made for women with curves, especially up top. She brought me one that was labeled "Tall", which fit well aside from all of the side boob that was exposed. Finally, she brought me one that was more breathable, had more coverage, and didn't give me a massive camel toe. Sold. My tights were also XL...yay. I already have shoes from like 6 years ago, so no need to purchase new ones.

Under $40 for my purchases, so in all my class supplies equaled the cost of one used book from the ARC bookstore circa 1999.


As the day neared 5:00, I was grew increasingly anxious to don my Eurotard and tights. I tried them on the night before, as modeled for my earlier post, and I was not excited about the way the tights cut my body in half as the leotard accentuated the two different sections of my body. I brought clothes to wear over my uniform because I don't think it would be appropriate for the HR Manager to be walking around in that at work, even if it is just to the elevator and down to my car.

With the lovely 108 temperature today, I practically had a heat stroke walking the short distance from my car to the class room. I went into the locker room when I got there to use the restroom which was treat since I had to completely disrobe to do so. I felt a little more at ease when I saw other girls in their uniforms, but I was seriously so anxious about it, I was shaking.

We immediately started the class with basic bar work. We did some plies, tendues, and degages (those should all have accents on them since they are french words, but I don't know how to do that) on the bar and then moved to the center of the floor to learn some of the super basic steps like a pas de bourree and a pas de chat (again with the accents), which translates to "step of the pig" and "step of the cat".

Although the moves were very basic, and I still remember how to do most of them, it's great to start at the very beginning and really learn the movements and lock them into memory. I also talked to the teacher after class and found out that if I am taking the class for pass/no pass credit, I don't have to do any of the projects or papers. My attendance and the final should be enough to get me a pass. Hooray!

We will be building on the steps each week and at the end of the semester, there is an "Evening of Dance" where we will perform them for family/friends if we so choose. Participation is optional, but if you know me at all, you bet your ass I will be up there.

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Mrs. Awesome said...

OMG, this is hilarious! I think you look adorable and good for you for doing something you are passionate about. Even if it's squeezing your Beyonce-ness into a leotard.

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