Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Life of a Homeowner

Another domestic weekend under my belt and it feels oh so amazing! There are things that I am awaiting the outcome of to blog about (no I am not pregnant), but as soon as I can, I will share all details available.

Saturday we got up early (8am is early for me on a weekend), got ready and headed to BB&B for a bridal shower gift for our friend, Ashlee. We ran a few more errands and had some lunch before heading home. I went to said bridal shower, which was the most efficient shower I have ever been to, which I love, and I even won a prize for having the most called out items in my purse, plus something no one else had. A retainer. Yes, I AM that cool. When I got home JB was still gone at his parents' house for his brother's bday dinner, so I got in a couple of hours of "me" time. Haven't had that in a while. We spend an hour or so over at the neighbors' house and then called it a night.

PS, Oxygen channel was showing some awesome movies this weekend. It was a Ryan Reynolds fest!

Today I slept til 9am, but we were off and running as soon as I got up. We headed to Home Depot for some materials to stain the fence and ward off unwanted bugs from the house, then we went to the grocery store so I could prepare dinner. We got to work on the fence as soon as we got home, but even with a sprayer it took waaaaaaaay longer than we were expecting. We only got two sections done and called it a day. JB sprayed for bugs while I trimmed the bushes in the walkway. We don't have many visitors anymore, but when we do, I would at least like them to be able to get to the door safely.

Rich came over to play NBA 2K10 with JB while I finished up dinner (pork tenderloin, lipton onion potatoes and broccoli with caramel turtle brownies for dessert). We don't normally have stuff like that for dessert, but it's Rich's birthday so we will take an excuse where we can get one. We are currently watching the free fights on Versus, which is a lot more interesting since I met some of these fighters at the UFC Fan Expo in Vegas recently.

The recipe for dinner called for 3/4 c of red wine and I couldn't let the rest of the bottle go to waste, so I am taking care of that now. It will help me get to bed early so I can get up and start my day with Jillian Michaels tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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