Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 6.5 = Karate Kid

I got my workout Sunday Daniel-san style. We did some more work on staining the fence. If you don't get the karate kid reference, you don't deserve to read my blog.

Interesting turn of events while staining the fence though. We took back the 3 one gallon cans of stain and traded it in for a 5 gallon since the fist section we did took 3 gallons alone. We found the right stain, and two were stacked on top of each other, so JB grabbed the one to the right that had nothing on top of it. We didn't even think to double check it. It wasn't until we had painted the first half of the fence on the other side of the house and refilled with the new 5 gallon drum, that we thought the color looked different. Woops.

Since we couldn't return the opened container and we weren't about to waste $100, we just decided to keep going and we could go over the lighter color later. Our main concern is getting the thing sealed, the color is not that important to us.

We actually really like the darker, more red color that we accidentally got. We'll see what happens. All we have left is the back section. Our neighbors decided to either empty or overfill their sorry excuse for a pool in their yard on Saturday, which flowed through the fence into our yard, so for fear of the boards being wet, we decided to wait on that.

I can't wait until we are done with this project.

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