Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 4 = Success

I was a little worried last night that this morning might be my first fail. I had just fallen asleep last night when JB came blasting in from his 7:30 basketball game at 11pm (don't get me started). After keys jingling, shower doors slamming and toilets flushing I was out of the sleep zone.

He finally gets into bed and I get up to use the bathroom. I come back to bed and I hear a noise in the kitchen. I say "WTF was that?" and he doesn't answer. I reach over and he's not there. I get up to investigate and he comes walking back into the room in the dark and scares the bejesus out of me. Apparently he had gone to the kitchen for a snack before bed. SIGH.

Adrenaline pumping I get back in bed and of course I can't sleep. I am anxious and irritated. I toss and turn...and toss...and turn. To make matters worse I am bitter because he fell fast asleep about 5 seconds after getting in bed.

So, as the clock neared midnight I thought there was no way in hell I was going to make my 6am wake up call. But I did. No excuses. I even called Mrs. Awesome to give her the "Jillian Michaels wants to make you her bitch." wake up call she requested, but she didn't answer.

Cardio after work since I have a lunch meeting today. I got a little crazy with the calories yesterday, so today we will get back on track.

The weekend is almost here!

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1 comment:

Mrs. Awesome said...

I need your house phone in my contacts. Your local home phone provider is service = mandatory house phone.

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