Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh-Em-Geeeeeeee, I have 20 followers!

I feel like I should have a party or a give away or something (even though I have no idea how to go about having a give away). Some of the blogs I read have like 500-600 or more followers and I have no idea how that even happens or how long it takes for something like that to happen, but I am just super excited about 20.

They like me! They really like me!

I wish you could all see how hard I am laughing as I type this. Yes, I am excited about this. Yes, I know that makes me really lame, which is why I am making fun of myself for being so excited.

Made my Tuesday. Thanks for reading about my silly life!


RainCooper said...

I don't think your lame. I get super excited everytime I get a new reader aswell. Cute blog. X

Ashley said...

Girl, I have about the same amount and am just tickled! HAHA! ;) I enjoy your blog.

ThePaintedPisces said...

I am not anywhere near getting 20 readers, this IS awesome!

Jamie Pickle said...

Congrats!! I love reading your blog because everything you type I can totally hear coming out of your mouth.

mrs.csunsweetie said...

You can count me as a reader, but i don't "follow" with my gmail. Why? I do not know.

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