Monday, February 21, 2011

Let the Nightmares Begin!

I have had different dreams about my wedding here and there over time. Sometimes the ring is hideous or the dress is all wrong, or there isn't enough time to get everything done and I have to walk down the aisle half done up, but I would have to say that last night was my first actual wedding nightmare.

Our wedding is going to be local, but we are going to Germany/Italy a week and a half later for our friend's wedding/our honeymoon. Last night in my "dream" we were actually getting married in Germany. None of the dream took place at the wedding, it all had to do with getting there.

The dream started mid-scene as they usually do. JB and I were on a train or something with one of our friends that is going to Germany with us as well. First, he insulted her husband right before we arrived in Germany. Her husband wasn't there, but he made a very rude comment about him right in front of her and pissed her off. Then, when the train stopped, he just picked up half of his stuff and stormed off the train. I was left there with the other half of his stuff and mine, and a pissy wife-friend. For some reason I recall that JB and I did not start this trip together. We both came from work or something. As we get to the check-in counter, I realize I don't have my passport. And then I realize I don't have the Rick Steve's guide to Rome...or my wedding dress...

I start to panic. I can't even get into the country where I am supposed to have my wedding, and I sure as hell can't get home. I remember that my parents will be meeting us in Germany and that my mom can probably bring my dress and the guide book, but I still have no passport. I catch up to JB and find out that he has both of our passports (in real life I had him put them both in the same easily accessible and easy to remember place and this came into play in the dream). He saw mine in the drawer when he went to grab his and grabbed both of them. Yay!

A lot of other little things came into play in this dream that stressed me out. No one spoke english, we were waiting around for other people to arrive, we had no Euros and couldn't figure out how to get where we were going. There were different buildings to check into the country and then to pick up our luggage and the staircases were steep and unsteady and I had to get down from this ledge with all of my stuff and it was too high for me to jump and I was just paralyzed with fear. There was also a point later in the dream where we were trying to go on this bike tour and one of my tires was flat and I could not catch up to the rest of the group for the life of me.

All of it was really stressful and I woke up in a panic. Actually as I laid my head back down to go to sleep I remember thinking, I should just blog about this now. LOL!

All of my former and current brides-to-be, was/is this happening to you? What kind of craziness were/are you dreaming about?


Young and Fabulous said...

hahah i am so nervous to have wedding nightmares!!! but everything will turn out great! Just watch the show BrideZillas and you'll immediately feel better about yourself lol

and props to you for having wine AND jager shots!! I could never do bf on the other hand could drink an entire bottle haha


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Oh my goodness did I have nightmares before my wedding! I even had nightmares after my wedding... it took a few months for my mind to let it go and focus on freaking me out about something else.

It definitely sucks to have those nightmares, but keep in mind that dreams DONT come true, so whatever you dream won't happen =0)

Here is a link to one of my nightmare posts:

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