Friday, February 11, 2011

Jersey Shore

Don't roll your eyes at me, it was only a matter of time. I'm actually surprised it took this long for a Jersey Shore post.

JB and I love this show. Between Vampire Diaries, The Office, Community, Outsourced, and this, it's like Christmas comes every Thursday. The first season we all focused on how much of a douchebag The Situation was, but by the time Miami came around, these Macaroni Rascals had really grown on us.

We got to see through the crazy eyes and helmet hair on Pauly D and see that he's fucking hilarious! Vinny started to really come out of his shell. Mike showed more than just his flare for all things douchey. Sam-Ron stopped being polite and started getting real. Snooks became more endearing and less (but only a little) retarded. Jenni stayed real and Angelina shouldn't even be mentioned.

And now, we are back at the Jersey Shore. And all is psychotic in love and war...

Is anyone else yelling at the TV when they show these exchanges between Ronnie and Sam? Does anyone else wonder what they are thinking when they watch this back and listen to the words that are said or see the edited sequence of events? I mean, does this really happen in the order they show it in, because it seems a little reduntant to me.

S: I hate you for what you did to me in Miami (as you should)

R: You're never going to let me live that down (and why should she? Of course, I wouldn't be back together with you in the first place, but those are just my standards, who's to say they are right?)

S: You don't deserve me (yet you are still here, still crying, and still taking his bullshit)

R: You're nothing without me (um, I'm sorry, who are you?)

S: I'm done! (yeah, okay. Heard that one before. Remember that one episode in Miami where she said it like 15 times and then he was in her bed that night? That will teach him!)

R: You're a dirtbag! (Okay Ronnie, then why are you going to spend the rest of the night crying in the bathroom or on the porch?)

S: I'm leaving (hell to the yes!)

R: Wait, let me talk to you as your friend. (I'm sorry, my friend that just trashed everything I have here and tried to throw my bed out on the balcony with me still on it? BFF!)

S: I'm leaving! (you go girl!)

R: Fine! Bye! (But when you really pack your suitcase and call a cab I am going to tell you not to go and hug you and cry when I just trashed all of your shit and told you to go to hell)

Sammie FTW!! I was so happy when she actually got in that cab and drove away. I don't feel like anyone else is getting enough air time this season and these are not the people I want to focus my attention on. These people are already a terrible enough example of how to be a human being, we don't need them showing young men and women how to put up with someone treating you like shit because you "love" them and they "love" you.

Love = Respect

Buh-lee Dat!

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