Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DC Trip

So, I had this blog over halfway written and then I didn't save it on my phone and I accidentally closed the app. Yeah, pissed. So, what was going to be a funny and interesting blog about my trip to DC with DC and Tiff, is now just going to be a bunch of pics and captions. All of the pics are terrible iPhone 3GS quality and most of them are of food because all we did was eat and walk around and freeze our asses off and read plaques at museums.

(It snowed the first morning we were there but didn't stick around for long)

(This is a mac 'n' cheese lollypop from Chef Geoff's)

(Pasta dinner at Chef Geoff's that I split with GF)

(my pal Abe)

(Julia Childs' kitchen)

(Overhead shot of the air and space museum - stresses me out!)

(another creepy air craft)

(shepherd's pie at Elephant & Castle)
Don't get me wrong, I had a great time. I am just really mad at myself for doing that to my blog. It was great to see the nation's capitol and the holocaust museum and the Smithsonian museums. I definitely needed way more time there, which is good because eventually JB and I will go back to Virginia to visit some of his family and we can spend some time there since he has never been. DC and Tiff were great travel buddies and other than the freezing cold, crappy service at every single restaurant and 10% tax on everything, it was an awesone trip!

I still have a bunch of pics on my real camera that I need to upload, so maybe I will add those later.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I love Elephant and Castle! I've never eaten at the one in DC, but they have them in Chicago, too. Such great food! :)

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