Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks #14

The Pigeons...
Remember when I posted about being thankful for my Honey Bunny? Towards the end of that post I mentioned how

"He surrounds himself with wonderful people much like him and I am glad to now have these people in my life."

Well folks, the guys you see above are the people I am talking about. Sorry girls, they are all taken...well, except the one down there in the middle that looks like JB. Message me if you're interested. :)

They used to simply go by "The Fellas" but somewhere along the way decided that wasn't good enough and figured they were more like a lodge of some sort (i.e. eagles, elks, etc) and figured the pigeon was a respectable bird (???). So, they now refer to their group as The Pigeons. The first Friday of every month is "Pigeon Night" and apparently one of these nights months ago was used to head to Picture People and take these AMAZING photos for Christmas cards.


These guys and their wives are some of the most genuine people I have ever met. The women are all amazing to put up with these guys and with at least two kids each, are some awesome parents to boot. In addition to Pigeon Night, the ladies have the last Friday of the month to get together for "Ladies' Night" (original, no?) and every other month we all get together, including the kids, for Family Night. I feel lucky to be a part of this family and to have access to some great resources when the day comes down the road that we decide to start our own family.

Thanks for brightening my life and especially for kicking the holiday season off right! They should definitely get a prize for being the first holiday card in our mailbox.

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