Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Registries

Who is already sick of the wedding posts? Too bad. I have been waiting since July to talk about this stuff on my blog. If I could have done it as we went along it might not seem so obnoxious. Deal with it. :)

So, today JB and I sat down and put together our honeymoon registry. We had this conversation that it feels weird to put together a list of something and tell people, "hey, get us this." In the end, people don't have to get us anything from the list, or anything at all, really. But I know it's helpful for me when shopping for someone else to know what they want so I don't have to guess if they are going to like what I get them.

Still, it feels weird.

So, in addition to the regular registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond, we are doing the one I mentioned above which provides an opportunity for people to take the money they might otherwise just put in a card with a nice note, and attach it to an actual purpose in relation to our honeymoon trip. It's actually quite brilliant, so cheers to whoever thought of it. But, a lot of people are still kind of old school with gifts and others find money impersonal. But really, we have the basic stuff we need for our home, and we can always accumulate those items later as we need it. But we will never get another shot at our post-wedding honeymoon, so why not ask people to help us make it awesome?

Fun fact: I called my grandma to tell her we got engaged and she told me that she had already ordered our wedding gift...

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Mrs. Awesome said...

Not me, I love weddings. :) Haha

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