Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giving Thanks #11

My Honey-Bunny-Lover-Face.

This man keeps me sane (while simultaneously driving me nuts)! His laid back approach to life is so different from my uptight, over-scheduled, OCD mess and that is exactly what I need. He really helps me to see that a sudden and unexpected change of plans is not the end of the world. It takes a while to apply that all by myself, but I am working on it. He helps me make time for me and although it goes completely against my nature, he makes me relax and assures me that whatever needs to get done will be there later for me to do.

Every morning he wakes me up by showering me with affection. Some days I find this highly annoying as I am not the easiest person to get out of bed, but I find it endearing none the less. He puts my ring on my finger every morning (that is, if I am up and ready before he leaves for work). He is affectionate and loving and has come leaps and bounds from his natural way of living after being a bachelor for 30 years. I know what this takes and I am very grateful.

Because of him I am better. I love that he is willing to put forth the work that a relationship requires and am so excited to be marrying someone like him. Someday he will be a wonderful father as he is a great teacher and a natural nuturer. He loves his mother and holds his work high on his priority list. He is ambitious and creative and honest. He surrounds himself with wonderful people much like him and I am glad to now have these people in my life.

JB, I am so thankful for you (and now you have this post to refer to when you need to remind me ;)). I love you!

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