Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Thanks

My super central location. It's amazing to live in Sacramento and know that just a couple of hours east is the beautiful Lake Tahoe. People come from all over the country/world to ski there and I can drive there for the weekend. Also, a couple of hours west is San Francisco and Napa. One of the bloggers I follow is from Dallas, TX and she just spent her honeymoon in Napa and SF. I get to go there for the weekend (and sometimes for work). People come from all over the state to go to the state fair (not sure why) and I am just a 20 minute drive away. I live about the same distance from the airport, which makes traveling very convenient. I'm only an hour and forty-five minute flight to Las Vegas and San Diego and Seattle. And just an hour and a half drive from the beautiful little town of Chico where we just spent a lovely weekend.

I really love it here.

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