Friday, July 29, 2011

Honeymoon Recap - Germany Accomodations

In case you missed the earlier posts on why we went to Germany as part of our honeymoon, we were going to celebrate our friends getting married.  Uwe was a German exchange student when JB was in high school and he has kept in touch with all the guys over the years.  They have gone on trips to visit him and he has come to the states for visits as well as most of the weddings that have taken place.  They tried to make it out to ours, but with it being only two weeks before theirs, it made it pretty tough.  In order to "make up for it", Uwe and Claudia were kind enough to get us an apartment all to ourselves right next door to his mom's house where everyone else was staying. 

Once again JB's amazing cameraman skills are employed below for a tour of our "wedding apartment" and Uwe's mom's house in Kothel.  My apologies for the shaky and long walk next door.

Did you notice:
  • How loud the birds are chirping?  This happens 24 hours a day.
  • How GREEN and lush the yards are?  People's yards in this village are ah-mazing!
  • I got on camera for all of our future years that I am "the best wife ever"
Coming your way in the Germany vlog series are day trips, pre-wedding parties, life in Kothel, and the wedding!


Melissa said...

Ok I watched them!! But if you're the best wife ever - what's JB? Cuz I didn't see no ring on his finger!!!

Anonymous said...

His right hand is the one he is filming with so he wouldn't have his ring on that finger. It's on his left hand, silly!

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