Monday, July 18, 2011


Let me start by introducing myself to all of you awesome followers. I'm Ashley from over at Oh Me!

So, how happy are all of y'all for our sweet little Bre? I know I am super happy for her new marriage! The inspiration for my guest post comes from both Bre's wedding and my best friend's wedding that I was honored to be a part of this past Saturday!

My best friend, Candice got married on Saturday to a pretty amazing guy, Bryan. They have been dating for 7 years. Candice and I lived across the street from one another from the time I was in 7th grade. We were then college roommates and have remained close in the years since. You can imagine how happy I was to be part of their special day.

I guess I should explain my title of the blog...I live in the same town as Candice and have not been very helpful with the wedding. Did I help with programs? No. I was in England, sillies! Did I help cut the "poof balls"?? No. I was doing something else. If you are contemplating ever asking me to be a bridesmaid, just forget about it now. I am the WORST bridesmaid ever!! I even almost planned my vacation to England during the weekend of the wedding. Yeah, that bad.

To try to make it up to Candice, I decided that I would come stay at her parent's house with her on Thursday & Friday night before the wedding during one of the more stressful times to be there for anything they needed. By Saturday, I was feeling really good about myself and my mad bridesmaid skills. Everything was going smoothly...until...after the ceremony...and I became the drunk bridesmaid. I don't remember half of that dang reception! For real. It was bad. Bad enough that Candice's parents (the parents of the bride, let me point out), took me home with them and took care of me. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling hungover and feeling like the worst bridesmaid on the planet! Luckily, Candice's parents consider me family and their "third daughter" (her Dad told me this right before I walked down the aisle). When I apologized, they only said that it was what parents are for and to not be sorry. But, how can I not feel terrible?! For real.

On to happier times, though! Check out the pictures from the wonderful wedding!

Luckily, this time things turned out okay for drunk bridesmaid, Ashley. Let's hope the next wedding I don't act so foolish!!

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