Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guess Who's Baaaaaaack?

It's me! I have finally returned from my two-week romp through Germany and Italy with the husband and it was AMAZING!! I can't wait to catch everyone up on our trip with pics and videos, but it is going to take some time so please be patient.

I wanted to send out a HUGE "Thank You!" to the ladies who took over while I was away.  Carolyn, Kristin, Mrs. Monologues, Ashley, Monica, and Melissa, you ladies are the bestest!!!

To keep everyone occupied until I can get some honeymoon posts going, you can check out the teaser blog my wedding photog posted here.  I cannot wait to see the rest of the pics!

I hope you didn't miss me too terribly.  Okay, maybe I do :)


Unknown said...

Yee, so glad you are back, can't wait to see all your pictures. Also, your teaser pictures rock! I may need to hire her for our family portraits this year.

Carolyn said...

You're welcome lady! Can't wait for the recaps! :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look AMAZING! Can't wait to see more! Hope you had a blast on your honeymoon! Welcome home!

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