Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Honeymoon Recap - Getting There

So, I bought this notepad while I was in Germany so I could start journaling at bedtime so I could share all of our lovely adventures with my lovely readers, but the fail in this plan was that I didn't get it until halfway through our week in Germany and then I couldn't catch up with everything or find time to write about it.  Boo!  So now you get run-on sentences instead...

The win in all of this is that my MIL got us a Flip cam right before we left so you get to see some lovely VIDEOS!!!  This will be my first hybrid vlog.  JB thinks he is this amazing camera man/commentator all of the sudden, so please bear with me on these.

A little preface for you before we dig in to the "awesome" video.  Since we were ending our trip in Rome, we flew round trip to Rome and then 3 hours later got on a flight to Hamburg, Germany.  I am pretty sure the last two flights are missing because we were actually sleeping, but the end result is the same.


Did you notice:
  • My husband likes to film very close up and yell at the camera
  • I make the Snookie noise
  • I am easily distracted by Starbucks
  • I'm whiny
  • I was not happy in Rome because we still had 2 more flights to go
  • My Fran Drescher-esque laugh
Sorry for the headache you have just incurred from the shaking camera.  There's more where that came from.  Stay tuned...


Young and Fabulous said...

breezy u are SO CUTE!

idk how u made it through the flights...i would have been crying after the first. BIGGEST FEAR OF FLYING!!

your german friend is a cutie!!! love the accent! :-)


Ramona said...

that is WAY TOOOOOOOOO much traveling!!! you're a champ!

Sean Constantine said...

I laughed out loud when you saiud "I'm hungry" and then gave a partial croak/meow.

Also - your eyes shot open after nourishing yourself.

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