Thursday, February 16, 2012

Major Letdown

So, I was over reading Shades of Gray and Caroline was talking about her childhood crush, who also happened to be mine.  Good ol' Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or JTT.  I was OBSESSED!!  I shit you not.  Hardcore obsessed. 

Some examples for you:
  • I had to buy every single issue of Bop, Big Bopper, Tiger Beat, YM, and any other magazine that has his picture on the cover. 
  • I would tear out his centerfold pics and made them into a border around the top of my walls. 
  • I watched the Lion King a ridiculous amount of times, and to date it's my favorite Disney movie simply because he was the voice of Simba. 
  • I have the timeless classics Man of the House and Tom & Huck on VHS, which I have also watched countless times.  Well, not since DVDs became all the rage and I lost track of my VCR.  Sad face.
and the thing that gave me ultimate fan status...wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit....
  • When I got my braces off freshman year and they were ready to make my retainers, they told me I could pick out whatever color I wanted and if I wanted to put a design or picture in the actual retainer, I could bring one in.  I got teal, because teal and purple was the most awesome color combo of the mid-90s (and the colors of my Lion King bedding, obvi) and I gave them a magazine cut-out of JTT's HEAD!!!  I legit had homeboy's dome piece on the roof of my mouth 24/7. 
Yeah, that really happened.  Unfortunately I put it in a napkin while I was eating nachos at a wrestling tournament my brother was in and it got thrown away :(

So while I was reading Caroline's blog and saw that he had gone from this:

 To this:

I was extremely disappointed and had to come over here and write this blog immediately.  Honestly though, when I just googled images of JTT, I was taken back to sitting on my twin bed staring up and the amazing border of his pics around my room.  Sigh...


Carolyn said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this. So much.

Melissa said...

How come we grew up and got way hotter...yet he grew up and grew grosser?

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