Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had quite an eventful weekend, and amazingly enough there are some pics to prove it.  Okay, so they are just phone pics, but better than nothing, right?

Friday night I got some free tickets to see this hottie at The Davis Graduate:

That's country singer, David Nail.  He sings wonderful songs like "Red Light" and his newsest single, "Let it Rain".  I was surprised to see that the guy who opened for him was this man:

That's Tyler Hilton, and if you are a One Tree Hill fan, you may know him as Chris from season two.  He helped Hayley with her music career, but caused a rift in her marriage with Nathan.  That scoundrel.

Let me tell you how excited we were to be at "The Grad"...well, maybe a picture would explain it better:

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  This is an all ages club right across from a college campus, so it always smells like shame and vomit.  The only good thing about this place is that they have a bazillion beers on tap.  We waited in a line for ten minutes for a beer and when we got to the front of the line we found out it was a cash only bar and they have no ATM inside.  We headed over to the other bar that accepted cards and had a shorter wait and got the most gigantic beers I have ever seen.  I only had one because I was the DD, and it got warm faster than I could drink the whole thing, so...

The problem with this place, other than the place itself, is that there are giant beams and pillars all over the place, making positioning yourself to see the stage a difficult task.  Instead, I took pics with my friendies:

and at almost Midnight, I took a pic with the birthday girl who turned 30 on Saturday:

The show was great, and I had a fun night out with my girls, but I ended up going home with a headache that stayed with me through the next morning so I couldn't get up and go to work at the tax office.  Raging migraine.  I slept until 10am and then had to pump myself full of coffee and ibuprofen to get the pain to subside.  I went and got my hair did and then we headed to an engagement party for this lovely couple:

Sunday we went wine tasting at some nearby wineries for Tiff's birthday.  It was a gorgeous day and we went out to Sugar Mill which has several wineries in one location, so you can just walk back and forth to all of them and we had a nice little lunch outside.

I think Todd Taylor was the favorite of the day.  We went there last and got to take a tour of the back room and see how they make their wines.  We all headed back to one of our friends' house for dinner and more wine.  It was a great weekend with a great group of people.  The whole weekend I just kept thinking to myself, "I love my friends."

And now I am thinking of this video, ugh:

You're welcome.

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Carolyn said...

Chris Keller! HAHA Do you still watch OTH? He's on this season again. He's soooo obnoxious. :)

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