Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh No She Dih-int!

Oh, but I did.

I like to do this thing where I keep it a secret when I am planning a big change with my hair and surprise everyone, including JB.  I'm not sure why I do this, but I do.  Now you are part of that.  SURPRISE!! 

Did you notice:
  • My camera skills are way slightly better than JB's
  • I should have used air quotes when I said "team of stylists" because let's be honest, I don't really have a team of stylists.  I have my bestie and her boss.
  • My husband is hilarious (leave him comments about his haircut, he will love it, I'm sure)


Carolyn said...

Love the hair cut!! :)

ThePaintedPisces said...

I am bre-bot, I have no inflection in my voice! Beep boop boop bop.

(really really love the hair change though Brez)

melissa said...

Ok watched it again with sound this time. LOL. PS love that JB has the playstation remote in his hand, in the kitchen. LOL. Super cute!

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