Monday, April 11, 2011

Sloppy Seconds

In a seemingly typical trip to the store on Friday evening, JB was telling me about this guy he knows who was a semi-pro or pro golfer or something and had made quite a bit of money doing so and had also played a lot of celebrity golf tournaments. Through these different events, he ended up becoming good friends with Justin Timberlake. Not "good friends", but actually good friends to the point where they talk at least once a week or so. Then this convo transpired:

Me: He know's Timberlake? You know, I have a 30th birthday this year, maybe he can come perform.

JB: Yeah, I wonder who he's bangin' right now? I'm sure she's hot.

Me: Or you can just ask for Jessica Biel's number.

JB: Yeah, I wouldn't mind taking Timberlake's sloppy seconds.

Me:  Word.

He's with me, ladies. He's all mine.

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