Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proud Uncle, Proud Sister

You might remember THIS post from a while back about my superhero bro.  When he is not busy keeping the streets of our city safe from riff raff and crime, my brother (also a new father) is out on the track trying to get NASA (not aerospace) certified to be a real-life race car driver.  I have yet to make it out to the race track for one of his race weekends due to scheduling conflicts, but hope to soon.  He spends the weekend running laps with an instructor and in between runs hanging out with his pit crew (family and friends). 

(Uncle working on the car in the pit)

This past weekend he got promoted to the next level which means driving without an instructor.  My uncle, who is part of the pit crew, sent out the following email in response to this link my bro sent out with his pics from the weekend:

Some things I want:

1) I want all of you to look at these pics and take note that the driver is "elbows up" and workin' it.

2) I want all of you to look at these pics and take note that in more than one instance, there is a fair amount of air under one or more of those front tires.

3) I want all of you to know that after more than a hundred miles of speed over two days, your driver was passed exactly zero times!

4) I want all of you to know that your driver passed more than 50 cars!

5) I want all of you to know that after I played with the setup a bit, your driver could tell the difference and report exactly what he felt.

6) I want all of you to know that multiple drivers and instructors came by our pit during the weekend and offered praise, encouragement and just flat wondering what was under the hood.

7) I want all of you to know that after suffering a slight bit of dissapointment over an issue of what I think was a bad call by officials, your driver was still gracious (sp) enough to help a fellow driver on the track to advance to HPDE 3.

8) I want all of you to know that with the competition classes turning 2:05 to 2:10 times in their races and your driver doing respectable 2:30's to 2:50's all weekend, the very last session of the weekend when we were all tired and had our fill... well your driver clocked in a 2:15 which caused a change of wardrobe for your's truly.

9) I want all of you to know that I had a freekin' blast and and am very proud of your driver.

10) I want one of you to post this info somewhere out in social networking land for others to see what's up.

...just a few things I wanted you to know.

I am required by #10 to post this here.  LOL! 

Pretty proud of my bro.  My uncle sent a follow up email to point out that he also managed to get in some quality time with his wife and baby during the weekend as well.  There are other pics of him loving up on my niece, but this is my fave pic of the weekend:

(My bro with his 3 loves)

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