Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Month, New Camp

I started a new camp last night and it's awesome! I have had my eye on this place for about a year, but their camps are normally way out of my price range. When I saw they were doing the March camp for just $99, I had to jump on it. Usually I can talk someone into trying it out with me so I don't have to show up alone, but this time I couldn't find anyone. I almost didn't sign up because I was nervous to do it by myself, but JB talked me into it and I am so glad he did!

Back in December I bought a Groupon for this place which got me a free 30 minute personal session and a free group class. Little did I know that when I went in for my personal session, I would actually meet/train with the owners. They were both awesome! Learning the basics with the guy who developed the program was pretty intense, but he was really nice and somewhat patient, LOL!

The camp requires a jump rope, hand wraps, and boxing gloves. Of course my wraps and gloves are pink, but I couldn't find a pink rope. Sad face. The class is 45 minutes long, which is just long enough to get in a great sweat, but not so long that you are looking at the clock wondering when it's going to end. We started with a few minutes of jumping rope to warm up. After that we put on our gloves and headed over to the heavy bags for some combos. The rest of the class consisted of some pushups, ab work, squats and lunges, and then we finished with some more rope. I don't know that the class has the same format every time, so more to come on that.

My back is sore today, but it's probably a combination of my workout from Saturday and my workout last night. The camp is M,W,Th at 5:30, which is really convenient since they are right down the street from my work. I am excited to have a camp that is heavy on the cardio, since the treadmill and other cardio machines just don't do it for me. I am going to try to fit in some strength training on my off days, either at the gym at work or with Jillian Michaels at home.

I'm tempted to post some before and after pics as well. What do you think?

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