Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses!

You probably thought I was going to blog about the bridesmaid dresses for MY wedding, but you are wrong (that will be next). I have mentioned before that one of my close friends is getting married in October and I am her MOH. This past weekend we went shopping for dresses for her wedding. I guess looking back on my own experience, I didn't give my girls much say in their attire for my wedding. It was pretty much, "Here's the dress, order it." Luckily my taste is not horrible and the dress looks good on everyone. So, anyway, back to the other wedding.

GF decided that her only preference was for us to have the same designer, similar length, and the same color dress. Since there are lots of different body types represented in her bridal party, she doesn't want everyone to be stuck wearing a style that maybe isn't their preference. Last Saturday we met up at the shop where she ordered her dress to try on some different styles and find one we liked. There were a couple that we were okay with, but nothing that we really LOVED. After shopping we grabbed drinks and discussed dates for her showers and bachelorette parties and decided we should try another shop the next day.

On Sunday we ended up going to the same shop I ordered all of my dresses from. When GF and I arrived, some of the girls were already there and had tons of dresses in the dressing room already. We all found something we like, except for the one bridesmaid who lives in England. She will have to go shopping on her own. Sad face.

Here are the picks so far, minus one because I couldn't figure out which one it was:

(above is the one I chose)

(Is it me or does this girl seem like she has a major stick up her ass?)

So after all of our searching and finally finding the ones we love, the store clerk informs us that since we are all ordering different dresses, there will be a $20 charge per dress because they will ship them separately. Apparently the folks at Bill Levkoff can't just make the dresses and the put them all in the same box, which is stupid. Although we get a 15% discount on the dresses, the $20 fee basically puts them back up to full price. Some of the girls have more expensive dresses than others and are not okay with this, so GF may just end up having us all get the same dress (the one I chose). Everyone tried it on and it looked great on all of us, plus the girls who want to can add straps. The verdict is still out and she needs to talk to the BM in England. Either way, I win. LOL! I'm so happy to have a dress that I can wear again!

Do you have any BM dress horror stories? Please share!


ThePaintedPisces said...

You don't even want to hear... two of my BMs got together on their own and picked out and PURCHASED dresses for all of the BMs minus the MOH. The MOH picked out her own dress altogether. Mind you, the main color was orange (which I know doesnt work for everyone) but the BMs were in a light yellow (not bad) and the MOH was in light blue........ uhhhhhhhhhhhm....

mrs.csunsweetie said...

I wear the Bill Levkoff dress with the pockets & flowers on the bottom. CUTEST DRESS EVER. (oh. i wear this to the bridal shows when I work the booth). lol. I want the dress for Jon's holiday party this year. Maybe I can get the girls at the bridal shop let me wear it :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

They are all so pretty - I love the 1st and 3rd ones! :)

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