Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up (With Pics!!!)

Before I get lost in the craziness that is the Anub Wedding Weekend, I need to blog about last weekend, as it was very eventful. I will try to use more pics and less words.

Friday Night - Jewelry Party

A while back my mom basically twisted my arm off to have this jewelry party at my house. I am not a fan of home shows and inviting people over to make them buy stuff they don't need/want so I can get free stuff. Not really my scene. But, I went with it and used it as an excuse to entertain in our almost 1 year old home (!!!). I got some wine and made some apps, and mom brought some too. My SIL couldn't make it, but she contributed to the cause with cuppy cakes. I had a pink party and 10% of the sales went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Saturday - Soccer/Dress Shopping/Ashlee's Bache

My BFF (and now MOH)'s daughter will be 5 next month and started playing soccer this year. I went to see her play in a game on Saturday before me and the MOH went to order my dress. Adorable, no?

(Mom! Meatloaf!!)


(MOH and would-be FG if I were allowing children at the wedding)

(Calm down, this is not the dress)


The theme? Ugly Dress Party. The plan? Dave & Busters. We had a quick change of plans when we found out the wait at D&B was 1.5 hours for food. We moved on to our next viable option, Strikes. We figured we could get some food and then bowl or hang out in the arcade or plan our next step. Turns out we didn't need to plan anything. The Spazzmatics, an 80's cover band, just happened to be playing at Strike's that evening, so we decided since we were dressed for the occasion, we would stick around. So glad we did, had an awesome night.

(self-portrait of ugly dress)

(group shot)

(first shot sent over, right as we were seated)

(traditional bj shot)

(Ash with a couple of the Spazz's)

Their wedding is this Friday, so stay tuned for more fabulous pics!!

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