Friday, October 8, 2010

Nice Marketing Plan

I received this little package from a staffing service earlier this week. Often times I receive things here or there from different companies trying to set themselves apart from all the other companies we won't be using either. Sometimes it works to my benefit. This time, notsomuch.

I posted a pic of this on my facebook and joked that these people obviously don't follow my blog, otherwise they would know that this type of "gift" would definitely turn me away from their services. Included in the box is ramen, parmesan cheese, breadsticks, shortbread cookies, italian dressing, and fruit snacks. The card should read "Enjoy your ( insert any number of countless diseases/health conditions here) on us!"

Don't get me wrong, I love me some ramen. This soup with some tapatio and a grilled processed cheese food sandwich used to be an any time of the year staple at my place. Not anymore. I took the liberty of adding up the nutrtional value (or lack there of) of this little lunch box for everyone's information (the parmesan cheese and breadsticks did not have info included on the package and I almost ate the fruit snacks yesterday but they were gross so I threw them out, so keep in mind that these numbers are probably higher):

Calories - 600
Fat - 28g
Sat Fat - 10.5g
Carbs - 72g
Protein - 10g
Sodium - 2180mg

Not to mention each item that had nutrition facts had a laundry list of ingredients, most of which I couldn't pronounce. No.Thank.You. For 600 calories, 28g of fat and 72 carbs, I will be eating something much more delicious than your new take on a ramen salad. Like all of Bucca de Beppo or Olive Garden. If I am going to sabotage myself, I'm gonna make it worth the guilt.

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Mrs. Awesome said...

My biggest question do they expect a person in an office to cook the Top Ramen? I mean, who has access to a stove, let alone decent pots at work? Really though. Think this through people.

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