Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Dilemma

It's our first Halloween in our new-ish home and the last thing we want is to be the lame neighbors on the block. I'm not really a fan of Halloween myself, but I like the idea of having a bunch of trick or treaters coming to the house. My dilemma comes when trying to decide what to hand out. I had this discussion with JB last week and our consensus was the same.

With everything I have learned about processed food and sugars over the past year, it seems wrong to me to hand out candy to little kids. Then again, we all know how much we hated the houses that gave us apples and raisins as children. So if I don't want to hand out candy, and I don't want to be lame, do I just leave my porch light off and turn the children away?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Jamie Pickle said...

When I was at Target, I saw mini Play-doh or what about those shaped bracelets all the kids are wearing these days (hahaha, I sound so old)!!! We unfortunately don't get too many trick or treaters :(

MKille said...

Maybe chocolate covered fruit? You them halfway? haha... I don't know. Its the best I got.

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