Friday, December 7, 2012

Fitness Friday: Pinspiration

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It's been a while since I've done a Fitness Friday post, so I thought I would update you on what I have taken to doing in the gym lately.  I follow a lot of blogs and people on pinterest that have a fitness and clean-eating focus, so I have started getting some great workouts from Pinterest.

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Via The Lean Gourmet

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From Pinterest

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For this last one, I got the inspiration from My Mission Impossible, but turned it into my own little circuit.  I did a dynamic warmup for a few minutes to get everything moving and then did the 10 burpees in the beginning to get my heart rate up so I could burn at a higher rate throughout the workout.  I ended up doing a few more reps on some exercises, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I had planned to time myself so I could have a benchmark to test improvement with, but I totally forgot.  I know it was less than 30 minutes though.

For me the key is productivity and efficiency.  Unless I am doing a class at the gym, I don't like to spend more than 30 minutes on my workouts, so I try to maximize that 30 minutes as much as possible.  My friend and I have been meeting at the gym for classes like Zumba and yoga a couple of times a week and then I will use the gym downstairs at work.

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It's not much, but it's a great place to avoid my phobia of people judging me and my workouts at the gym.  LOL!  It has a couple of treadmills, a bike, a stair stepper, two ellipticals, some hand weights, and that big circuit machine that you see here which I never use.  Comes in handy because I can work out before I even leave the building so I have a lesser chance of losing my motivation.

What are your fitness tips and tricks?  Do you have a fitness board on Pinterest?  Link it in the comments so I can follow!


Raven said...

I dont like your fitness friday posts. All because it reminds me of what I used to be :( WAAHH!!

Brandi said...

This makes my 30 day shred day 4 victory feeling feel OH SO LAME. Haha. You go girl! I did try your version of that circuit after seeing it on Instagram and it goes by super quick! Liking it! :)

Elizabeth said...

I love my mission impossible! she has great posts. and I've been doing her holiday circuit!

Anne Hill said...

I love a good pinterest fitness find! My board is here

Anonymous said...

Nice inspiration! I've been trying to force myself to some discipline regarding fitness, but I'm really not good at it, I only go once or twice a week or there's even a week when I don't go!

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