Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Endings & A Merry Bremas

If you've been around for at least a year, you might be familiar with the fact that I am a Christmas baby.  All my life I have been unhappy with this.  Winter birthday parties are boring and lame.  My brother is 2 1/2 years older than me, almost to the day, so he always got the cool June birthday parties around a pool or slip n slide or water park, etc.  Not to mention so many people are obsessed with this Jesus guy and apparently we have the same birthday, so he is constantly stealing my thunder.


I have mentioned before on Twitter that I am so in love with the show Happy Endings.  I honestly laugh so hard during episodes of this show that I don't recognize the sound that comes out of me because it's no laugh I've laughed before.  This week's episode was nothing short of amazing and I have provided some clips below to illustrate why.  They are all short, watch them in the order posted :)

In the words of Penny, this episode was A-MAH-ZING!!!  Captures the story of my life pretty well.  Seriously you guys, this show + New Girl has made Tuesday my new favorite night of the week.  LOVE! 

Do you/have you watched?  What do you think?


Carly Ann said...

I used to think it would be really cool to have a birthday around Christmas, but as I got older, I realized it would kind of suck. My birthday is in October and I always was jealous because I never got to do anything fun like go camping or go to the fair or anything for my birthday, but all my friends did!

Raven said...

Why havent you asked me fifty million times if I watch the show Happy Endings?

Not sure this relationship is on the right track.

btw..when exactly is your birthday??

Giovanna said...

Hahah I'm laughing right there with you girl! I love love love Happy Endings! The humor is hilarious and the words they make up are too funny!


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