Thursday, September 6, 2012

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I know we are probably in week 6 for this link-up, but due to meetings and trips out of town, I was unable to get my posts together for the last couple of weeks. 

I was visiting friends in SoCal last weekend (a whole post in itself) and I have a Vegas trip next weekend which has led me out on a few shopping excursions lately.  First of all, I SUCK at shopping and fashion, so I already dread going shopping.  And the fact that I am not where I would like to be fitness-wise makes it even more challenging.  Last week I had to buy a new pair of work pants in a bigger size, so that's awesome.  Then I went to Macy's and couldn't find any clothes between teeny-bopper slut and grandma styles.  Where do they hide the "classy, grown-up beezy that likes to still work it" clothing?


Last week's shopping excursion left me feeling less than stellar about myself and last night's encore was no better.  Add to that the fact that I wore a size 6 skirt yesterday that used to look amazing on me, but for the entire day I had it unhooked and unzipped because it was cutting off the circulation to the rest of my body.  No bueno.  I cried the entire ride home and tried to fix my face before I walked in the door because I didn't want hubs to see me like that 2 weeks in a row.  Unfortunately he could tell and then decided to hug me.

Wrong move, sucka.

I basically started sobbing so hard I couldn't breathe and telling him how I have never been this unhappy with my body for this long.  Usually I just start working out and eating right again and I start to feel better, but it's not working.  The entire month of August I worked out at least 4 days a week and was eating right and I don't feel better.  I don't feel tighter.  I'm not seeing changes.  My pants are still uncomfortable.  It's so annoying.  I feel like I'm not doing enough.  I want to maximize my workouts to get the most effort out of the least amount of time, but I just feel like it's not enough.

So I decided that my post today would be about motivation.  I mentioned before that it takes time.  I usually start seeing noticeable changes after about 3 months.  This is a perfect example since I am one month into it and frustrated to meltdown status.  I feel like what I am doing is not working.  It's hard to keep the goal in perspective because all I can think about is the fact that nothing is changing yet.

This time around for me, JB is my motivation.  Being a fitness professional, his insight is actually helpful in these situations.  Guys are known to be fixers.  When girls start freaking out about their body image, guys don't usually know what to do.  The fact that he knows what to do makes the fact that he wants to help fix this situation a lot easier for both of us.

After I had calmed down a bit, he asked me some questions that helped us get to a solution.  I told him some of my concerns regarding foods and my workouts and the gym.  I am going to start logging what I eat, not for calorie purposes, but to see how I feel when I eat them (am I tired, bloated, energetic, etc), and we set a goal to work out 20 times in the remaining 25 days of the month.  Knowing that I am starting up some evening classes again and that I am out of town (and most likely out of commission) for a few days of that tells me that I need to work out twice some days. 

JB and I got up early together this morning and knocked out a good workout and I plan to go to a class at the gym after work or do a body rock workout at home.  This weekend we are going to go shopping and fill up the house with lots of good food and do some food prep on Sunday during football.  The main reason the Live Fit Trainer worked so well for me is that I was consistent.  And because I was consistent with my workouts, I wanted to fuel my body appropriately, so I did the prep work necessary to get that done.  I need to get back to those roots and get it done.  Once I get where I want to be, the once daily body rock workouts will be enough to maintian.  I feel good about the goal for September and love that JB is so supportive.  I feel like my mind is in the right place again and the goal is on the horizon.

How do you keep going when you get frustrated that you aren't seeing results?

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Simply Evani said...

Hi Bre! Found you on the Blogger map and decided to say hello! I'm from Elk Grove so it looks like we might be neighbors :) Good luck on your fitness journey, I've got one going on too!


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