Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funny - TMI Edition

This is a conversation had today between me and a friend over IM.  I wouldn't be surprised if I lost a few readers over this, but I was basically ROTFL so I need to share:

Me: I don't like it

Me: and I feel bloated


Me: I ate beach hut and chips for lunch

Me: so much salt

F: You realize I am not your husband right?

Me: and processed white bread

F: keep some things to yourself


F: If that is what BFF means I think we can go ahead and end it

F: I don't tell you about how I had buffalo wild wings for lunch and my tummy is rumblin

Me: but I wouldn't care if you did

Me: cuz I am all in

F: Well in that case

F: I was crankin on the toilet, holy smokes. It was like a rainstorm with thunder and liquid spraying everywhere

F: Had to cough every time the thunder came so the guy in the next stall wouldn't have to hear it

F: Think I got some on my pants

F: Burned like fire coming out too

F :Man oh man

F: Had to check to see if there was smoke

F: There wasn't, don't worry

Me: OMG I am dying right now

F: You should have seen me on the toilet

Me: this is awesome!

F: Sweating all over the place

Me: I want to post this on my blog

F: Please do

F: Still BFFs

F: ?

Me: always

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