Monday, September 19, 2011

So you get married, and then you turn into Betty Crocker?

Holy domestic diva weekend, Batman!!  Curious?  Here's a rundown:

After work I went to the gym and the JB met me there so we could go to Sunflower Market and Costco.  Nothing makes me feel older than grocery shopping on a Friday night.  It just makes me think of the days when I would go straight home after work, chug a red bull/go girl/monster, eat some top ramen, and shower/get ready for a night out at the clubs/bars, arriving around 10pm.  Now I am mostly in bed by then...

Wake up at 7:30am, do bills, facebook (since, you know, I'm already online), have some coffee and breakfast while researching Hulu Plus as a viable option instead of (or in addition to) Netflix, finally decide to get off of our asses and get the yard work done.  Hit the gym around 12:30, get a car wash, return home at 2:30 to stuff my face eat lunch, and pretty much pass out in exhaustion on the living room floor.  Sadly, I was unable to enjoy a nap because I knew I still had to shower and would not be able to fully relax until I did so.  I finally drag myself off the floor and into the shower.  Some friend of ours came over to catch up and let us meet their new baby, so I had to wake up JB who managed to get a 45 minute nap in (lucky bastard).  After they left I tried a new recipe, Italian Turkey Burgers, that I got from the website of the fitness program.  Actually, everything I made this weekend was from there.  Anyway, we weren't really big fans of that recipe, and the bottle of wine we opened was gross (which is good since I shouldn't be drinking it anyway) so dinner was kind of a disappointment.  After we cleaned up from dinner, I made chicken meatloaf muffins for our lunches next week and then we watched some Arrested Development and were in bed by 10pm.

Woke up at 7:30am AGAIN (WTF)!!  Had some coffee and breakfast really quick and then rode with JB to the gym so I could do my workout while he trained his client.  Afterward we went to the meat shop to use our Groupon ($10 for $20, holla holla!) and then got home around 11am.  I whipped up a batch of 3 bean turkey chili and proceeded to finally upload wedding pics on to facebook.  I'm sure all of my friends care about the 400 pics I posted.  Oops.  An hour later, I decided to bake some cinnamon swirl protein bread.  It's super yummy.  I finished watching the San Diego/Patriots game (Pats win baby!!) and then made a giant batch of brown rice and cut up and packaged a bunch of veggies for work this week.  Just as I was finishing that up, JB decided to get dinner going so I cubed up some sweet potatoes to roast and he threw the meat on the grill.  Finally I was able to take a shower at 5:30pm, ate dinner, cleaned up from dinner, packed my gym bag, food, and vitamins for today, started a load of laundry, blogged, and THEN sat down to relax for the evening.

I can't figure out why I am exhausted today...

How was YOUR weekend, Blog Land?

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