Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Blues

With my 30th birthday officially less than 3 months away, I am starting to get a little blue about it.  Not the fact that I am turning 30, because really I still feel like a kid most of the time (and my 30s are going to be awesome!), but the fact that I have no idea how to celebrate it.  A few things come into play here:
  • My birthday is on Christmas Day, so obviously it has to take place on a day other than my actual birthday
  • Every weekend in December is filled with holiday parties and family gatherings for everyone I know, including me.
  • The weekend after my birthday is always New Year's and no one is around for that either
  • JB's birthday is the 13th of January, and let's be honest, even though I love him, 30 is not a birthday I want to share with someone else (unless maybe it was another friend who was turning 30).
  • We are pretty much working with a non-existent budget
  • As much as I love the hubs, he's probably not thinking about any of this stuff yet, if he will at all.  But if he does, I don't want to step all over his plans because I need something to plan and I don't want to spend my 30th like I spent my 21st (in a sports bar with my BF at the time sharing a pitcher of Coors Light while watching the Kings/Lakers game on tv.  Granted it was the only thing open on Christmas Day... and I got a free bday drink.)
So, friends/readers, what are your thoughts here?  Do I wait and hope the hubs plans something for me?  Plan something myself?  Talk to him so we can plan it together and make sure all of these things are factored in?  And then what do I do for the actual celebration, given it will be mid-2012 by the time it even happens?



Thanks for your feedback on this!!  I talked to the hubs last night and he said, "Funny you mentioned it because I actually have been thinking about it."  I told him that it would mean so much more if he planned something for me for my bithday and he asked if I had a preference between something with just us or with all of my friends.  I told him that either way I would be happy, but if he did do something with just us, we could always have a joint celebration around his birthday a few weeks later at our house or something.

Yay!!  No more birthday blues for this girl!!!  Now I just have to wait 3 months to find out what it is.  LOL!


Life With Lauren said...

I would say plan it together just in case he does have something in mind. Since New Years is on a Saturday maybe do Friday night?

tara said...

you and hubs needs to work together to plan you a fabulous 30th birthday!

Anonymous said...

I would say make sure Hubs knows that you want him to do something special for him. I already told my hubby that I want a surprise party! LOL!

Sara Cate said...

Definitely talk to him about what you want and then work together. I've found that clear communication about wishes will make both people happy!

Carolyn said...

Happy almost birthday! :) I would say talk to him about it. If he doesn't have anything planned, then you know, but if he does, then he will give it away somehow. LOL

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