Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living Fit

My friend just scolded me on Facebook because I haven't written a blog in forever. There is lots to catch you up on, not to mention tons more honeymoon vids and pics, but all of my pics of everything are still on my camera, so today you get this:

Jamie Eason, one of's main fitness models, has put her practices into a plan that is so easy to follow it's ridiculous!  I met her at the UFC Fan Expo in Vegas last year, and let me tell you, she looks amazing!!!  Go here to check out the program!  There are sample meal plans, recipes, and day-by-day, week-by-week workouts for 12 weeks. 

Being married to a personal trainer, you would think it would be easy to stay in shape.  Not so, my friends.  Not so.  I have been begging JB for 3 years to write a program for me.  I know how to do most of the exercises, with proper form, but when I walk into the gym I need a game plan or I just do cardio or one of the classes.  Since I don't pay him with actual money, he does not work for me, so I am pretty much on my own.  That's why I was so excited about this program.  I'm not trying to get super buff, figure competition style, but I would definitely like to be more toned and maybe see an ab muscle or two.  I'd say three months of my life is worth that.

I also set up an account at  I was skeptical at first because food logging is always a pain no matter how good they say their database is.  The thing I love about this one is the droid app (and I'm sure the iPhone app too) has a barcode scanner!  I have scanned multiple things with it to log and it's been accurate every time!!  Makes it so much easier to log food.  You can also log water intake and exercise and depending on your goal, current height and weight, tells you how many calories you should be taking in on a daily basis to get there.

A friend (and former dance teacher) of mine decided it would be great to start a group on FB to cheer each other on and hold each other accountable and share tips and meals and whatnot.  We are only on Day 3 but we have already helped each other out with food, supplements, and clarification of some of the stuff in the plan.

Neat huh?

So why wait for New Year's to start your journey, whether it be weight loss, toning, or buidling muscle, when you can start now?  If you have followed my blog for a while, you know how much of a cheerleader I am when I really think it's a great thing.  And I REALLY think both of these things are great!

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid by either of the companies mentioned above for raving about them like a lunatic :)


Melissa said...

ha ha. glad i could motivate you ;o)

The Isais Family said...

Love, Love, Love the blog! I am so excited to have others just as excited as myself to start on this journey together. That is exactly what I was hoping for! ; )

Anonymous said...

I LOVE myfitnesspal! I have been using it for a while! I like to keep tabs on whats going on with me and I find it to be the easiest way! I also love the bar code scanner feature too!

Whats the link to your FB group?

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a great plan!!! :)

amy said...

loveeed this post! definitely checking out that website, everything you described in your post about getting toned is what I want, I NEED A GAME PLAN TOO. ugh.

Keep us posted :D


Ashley said...

I need something easy to do, because I have a serious lack of motivation!! I'm in the car now, but I will have to look more into it! I hope you've had a great weekend, my pretty little friend.

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