Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Big Day!!

It came and went and now I have no idea what to focus my attention on.  LOL!  I could not have dreamt of a more perfect day.  I had this feeling that since everything went so well leading up to the wedding, there was a possibility that the wedding day itself could be an utter disaster.  I am so glad I was wrong!  All week people thought I was crazy for being at work the week leading up to the wedding.  All of my friends, family, and bridesmaids kept asking me how I was feeling.  I think they all thought I was this ticking time bomb.

I am happy to say that I had no Bridezilla moments and the most we ran behind all day was about 15-30 minutes.  The weather was a lovely 90 degrees.  The guests were covered by the arbor, but it was a little hot and sweaty for us and the bridal party.  JB and I really got a taste of how much fun it is to attend someone else's wedding rather than having your own.  I feel like we should have been paid for the day with all of the things we had to do and pics we had to take.  It was non-stop.  We definitely had a blast though.

We had our first look and pics scheduled at 3, but didn't get there until almost 3:30.  We were able to get some good shots of us and then the girls and guys separately before the ceremony started at 4:30. 

JB and the boys

Breezy's Beezies

Dad, Me, Step-Dad coming down the aisle

During JB's vows

My turn!


I now pronounce you...

You may kiss the bride!!!

Gotcha Bitch!
JB's friend officiated for us and everyone we talked to had the same thing to say about the ceremony, "I have never laughed so hard during a wedding!  That ceremony was so 'you guys'!"  After the ceremony ended, we got the family pics and pics of the entire bridal party, got the marriage license taken care of, and had our reception entrance by 5:45.  Right on schedule.

My awesome in-laws
We went right into our first dance after we walked into the ballroom.

After that we decided to work the room as food service was about to begin.  We had 8 tables of 10 people and were able to make it around to half of them before salads were out.  We went back to our sweetheart table and ate our salads and then worked the other half of the room while everyone awaited their entrees.  We finally made it back to our table and ate our dinner.  The food was DELICIOUS!  We had a minor snafu with the vendor meals.  Apparently every single person that RSVP'd showed up to our wedding, which is virtually unheard of, so they didn't have meals for the vendors (even though the coordinator told us not to worry about adding them to our final count, but that they would be taken care of).  I told them that if the vendors asked about meals, to order them something from the restaurant and put it on our card.  I still have no idea what happened with it.

As we were finishing up dinner, they got started with toasts.  JB's brother went first and totally rocked it.  He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket and unfolded it and read "My Best Man Speech, by Breezy B", then looked around and crumpled the paper and threw it behind him.  The whole room errupted in laughter!  He did a great job with the rest of his speech.  My MOH got up there and proceeded to tell the room how we met when I got in trouble in high school and then how she was with me when JB and I shared our first kiss in Vegas.  She shared a few other things as well.  Her words brought lots of laughter and quite a few tears.  They both did an amazing job!  Then my dad said a few words, which included, "I don't think some of us ever thought we would see this day..."  Thanks dad!  LOL!

After our toasts we had the father/daughter dance and then the mother/son dance.  Earlier in the day JB's brother asked me if they would be together or separate, but didn't tell me why he was asking.  When JB and his mom went up there for their dance to "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, the song that came on was something totally different..."Teach Me How To Dougie".  At first I thought the DJ messed up, but then JB's mom started getting down to it!!!!  We were all dying, especially JB.  NO ONE saw that coming!

Next, it was finally time to cut the cake!  As we were preparing to cut and feed each other cake, JB says to me, "Where do you want it?" and without realizing I was walking right into it, I replied, "In my mouth!"  Classic!


Once we had the cake cutting done, we did one final dance with the entire bridal party and their dates and went right into open dancing.

JB and I with all the Pigeons

The reception ended at 9pm and some of us headed to the nearby casino where JB and I were staying to continue the party.  It truly was an awesome night, but it went by SO FAST!!!  We took Monday off of work and just lounged by the pool for a while before heading home to open gifts and talk about how blessed we were and how perfect our day was.  I returned to work yesterday to see that my photog had already posted a little teaser blog with a couple of pics.

I am DYING to see the rest of them!!!!  Luckily we leave for the honeymoon in a week and will be gone for two weeks, so by the time we get back, we should have some fun stuff to look at!  Thanks to everyone for all the congrats and well wishes here and on twitter.  Y'all make my day!


Unknown said...

You were a beautiful bride!!! So happy for you! Looking forward to more pictures!!!

Carolyn said...

YAY!! :) You're married!! It looks like it was a GREAT wedding!!! Congratulations!!! You looked amazing!

Kristin said...

CONGRATS lady!!! You looked beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures and hear even more about your big day!

Megan said...

You looked absolutely amazing!!!! Congratulations!! Seems like y'all had a wonderful day!!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Gorg gorg gorgeous. I love the pictures! Can't wait to see more too!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Newlymeds said...


Kris Schrage said...

Looked beautiful! How pretty! My girlfriend is doing the same colors next month!

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