Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 Weeks To Go, Bootcamp Update, and Clean Eating Extravaganza!

Let's see if I can throw anything else into this post, shall we?

I can't even believe there are less than 4 weeks until our wedding! That is so crazy to me!! I can't wait to be surrounded by our friends and family and so much love! I am so excited to see how all of the details come together. More than anything, I am hoping to be able to surrender to the day and not let myself get worked up over any hiccups that may arise. Those that know me know this is a big challenge.

Also, since the end of January I have been working on my fitness in a big way. I have been purchasing different deals at several fitness facilities and working out anywhere from 3-5 times a week. The eating in our house is already pretty clean, aside from the occasional shared bottle of wine or carton of ice cream, but I have reached a plateau which means I need to clean it up a bit more.

A few months back, JB decided to try to follow the Paleo way of eating. Basically, you eat only what people in paleolithic times would have access to. No dairy, processed sugar, legumes, or grains. It focuses on fruits, veggies, lean meats, and nuts (PS, peanuts are a legume, not a nut. This makes me sad. See why here.). As it is, we only eat lean meats (fish, chicken, ground turkey), brown rice and wheat pasta, and fruits/veggies for the most part, so this isn't a huge change for us like it might be for others. Back when he decided to do it the first time, I wasn't completely on-board. I was still having my wheat toast in the morning and my greek yogurt for a snack. It really helped to jump start the change in my body with the workouts and I am hoping that it will help push me past this stupid plateau.

Monday I bought the book, Everyday Paleo, by Sarah Fragoso. It has quick and easy recipes with each having just a few different ingredients (I don't know about you, but if there are more than like 5 or 6 ingredients and zillion steps, I pass that recipe right up.), a 30 day meal plan including the shopping lists you will need for each week, and workouts for everyone from beginners to pros. It is very family friendly and helps you introduce your kids to a paleo lifestyle too. I have already tried a couple of the recipes and they are delicious!!

The most important component of eating like this is planning ahead.  We started a menu board so shopping for the week's dinners is easy and I put the page numbers of the recipes next to them so JB can start dinner before I get home if he wants to.  I also hard boiled a dozen eggs to grab for breakfast or snacks and pre-cut some veggies for snacks as well.  Of course I am going to have to derail for my bachelorette party this weekend, but I will be back on track Monday morning.

Bootcamp is currently in the 5th week, which means after this week, I only have one more to go! I was really hoping to get after it and work out 5 days a week and sometimes twice a day, but I hit a major slump during this bootcamp for some reason. I have not been feeling it. I think 6 weeks is too long for me now. I am so used to changing things up every 4 weeks that this is just taking forever.  It could also be that I am just feeling stressed and overwhelmed with everything to get done before the wedding, who knows?

The camp is held outside at a local park.  We started with a lot of women and it has dwindled week by week to a comfortable small group size.  Each workout is an hour long and we use sand bags and resistance bands and do a lot of body weight exercises for our workouts.  The workouts are mostly like circuit training, but somedays they throw in yoga.  We had to run a timed mile and I came in at 8:32.  I was the first one to finish!  I'm not a distance runner, so for me, I will take 8:32.  My 5K pace is usually around 10:00.  We were supposed to run it again to see if we could beat our previous time, but I think I missed the day they did it again because I came a different day that week.  I don't really think I could have beaten that time anyway.

How was that for a super jumbled, word-vomit post?  And PS, WTF is going on with Blogger lately?  I can't leave comments on people's blogs and the followers are missing.  Stupid.


Kristin said...

Man girl you are dedicated! I wish I could get a fraction of your motivation. I desperately need to slim down and tone. I do great for a few days then fall off track. :( I like to blame it on not having any time....but it's really me just being lazy.

Unknown said...

Yeah blogger has been whack lately. These last 4 weeks are going to go so fast you will be amazed. Will love to hear your thoughts on the diet, sounds interesting!!!

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