Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up - Labor Day Edition

I stole the "weekend wrap up" title from Mrs. Awesome, but she probably got it from somewhere else anyway. :)

For the first, okay 2nd, time in a while JB and I had an entire weekend without plans. And we actually planned it that way. Wait, does that mean we had plans? Dammit. Here is a rundown of our 3 day weekend of domestic bliss:

  • Farmer's Market
  • Visit the new Hanft residence (so cute!)
  • Lunch at Mr. Pickles (my first experience and it was amazing)
  • Quick visit with the Emersons to pick up JB's charger that he left there after his FF draft sleepover
  • Had DC and GF over for dinner. Used the grill for the first time all summer (go figure) to make kabobs
  • Double date with them to see Going the Distance. It was cute, and funny, and male friendly.


  • Starbucks Sunday for breakfast
  • Car wash (first wash she has had all year)
  • Gym. We made it just in time for me to go to Zumba!
  • Lunch at Blue Nami (JB loved it)
  • Got JB fitted for his tux for his friend's wedding next month
  • Nap
  • Blockbuster and burger night (used the grill 2 nights in a row!)


  • Yummy breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs and turkey sausage
  • Cleaned out garage so we can now park 2 cars in there
  • Cleaned out and organized JB's side of the closet (mine is always that way)
  • JB mowed the lawn while I supervised
  • Nap
  • JB went to the driving range with the neighbor
  • Visited with the neighbors for a while
  • Ended the night/weekend with MBR Monday!

It was a lovely weekend. I'm glad we got that over with because September is going to be a busy month. A couple of weekends out of town and birthday parties to attend. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

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