Sunday, May 2, 2010

All It Takes is a Bet

JB and I have made a bet. It seems the only way to get him to get back into the shape he was pre-us (prius?) is to make a bet with him. In the past, when he has made bets with coworkers or other friends, he has been able to drop weight like whoa and get in amazing shape. Apparently he just hasn't had that motivation over the last year and a half. So today, we made a bet.

We have talked about taking that next step in our relationship. You know, we moved in together, then bought a house, so there is an obvious progression here. No, we are not talking a wedding or children. Although hopefully the wedding isn't very far off. We are talking about a dog.

JB has been missing Larry since we moved out of Grandma's house, but I just couldn't bear to take the dog away from Rich, and I also couldn't bear the thought of having a dog in our brand new house. So, Larry stayed behind. JB misses him greatly, and in the few short months I lived there, I became pretty attached, but it is what it is. We don't necessarily want a dog of that size with that much energy either. So we have been mulling over the the breed that will suit us best. We obviously have different ideas of this, so it has been a challenge. But since it's not happening anytime soon, we have some time to decide.

Today we got on the topic of getting back into shape and he explained that he needs a bet of some sort to really get him motivated. Something he really doesn't want to happen so he is motivated to meet the goal. Negative reinforcement, if you will. So I proposed this:

JB has to lose 21 lbs. by August 7th or he gets absolutely no say in what kind of dog we get.

This is important to him because he doesn't want some sissy la la dog that he has to carry around in his satchel (you know, Indiana Jones has one). After I really sold him on this bet, he started walking around the house all pumped up. I am very excited for this, and I know that he will be too once he gets there. It doesn't mean we will be getting a dog right away, but it does mean that if he does not meet the goal set before him, that I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! BUAHAHAHA!!

Ahem, pardon me.

Whatever I choose will be the final say, shall he not make good on his side of this deal. The beauty of it is, if he does meet his goal, I don't really lose anything. It might just take us longer to decide on a dog. But really, I can't lose. And we already shook on it. Sucker!


mrs.csunsweetie said...

LOL I love it. And don't forget it's posted in FB and on the blog. So it's factual! Good luck!

Mrs. Awesome said...

This is awesome. You should totally tempt him with delicious cupcakes and yummy meals. HAHA.

Callie said...

I love that this bet was made post-brunch... 4 pancakes, 6 eggs and 14 pieces of bacon later....

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