Friday, April 9, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Maybe I should change the name to WTF of the Week, or Weekly WTFs. I obviously can't seem to get this posted on Wednesdays. So, I only have a few, but here they are:

The new thing that everyone is buzzing about in a bad way is You are crazy if you think I am posting a link to the site. I am not promoting this madness (although I kind of am just by mentioning it). If you haven't heard anything about it yet, I will fill you in. Apparently it's a website where married people can go to meet someone to have an affair with.


According to the CEO and founder, the sites users are about 70% male and 30% female. This really saddens/infuriates me that someone is capitalizing off of ruining people's marriages. To provide a venue for someone to find a mister/mistress when they may not have found one otherwise (okay, who are we kidding? They would find someone) should be illegal or something. Way to make even more of a mockery of the institution of marriage.

My next shocker may be even less familiar to everyone. While driving to work one morning, the radio show I happened to be listening to at the time was talking about Skittles Parties. Until this moment, I had never heard of them either. Apparently this is a party where kids go into their parents medicine cabinets or purses at home and sneak a bunch of their prescription meds and bring them to this party. They all dump them into a bowl and then each person grabs a handful and takes them.


The biggest shocker is that kids as early as 6th grade are doing this. Obviously this came to light because some of these kids are ending up in the hospital. America is severely overmedicated and the last thing we need is kids combining lethal doses of meds. Just like guns, anything that is potentially life threatening should be locked away in a safe place where your kids can't get to it.

My last item is not as serious as these other two, but still pretty annoying. While at the grocery store on my lunch break the other day, I was looking at the magazines at the checkstand while waiting in line. Instead of perusing the gossip mags, The TIME magazine caught my eye. It had a summary of the health care reform, which is somewhat related to my line of work, so I thought I would buy it and take a look. Maybe I'll even learn something. The checker rings it up and it's $4.95!!!


I understand it's TIME magazine, but I guess you have to see it to really get it. This issue is only 56 pages cover to cover. How can you really charge me $5 for 56 pages??? Ridiculous! the best part is, I still haven't read it. LOL!


Mrs. Awesome said...

W.....T.....F. I love your new segment. Please continue to entertain me. That's all.

Jamie Pickle said...

Ummmmmmmm. I also just heard of these from another blogger...
A rainbow party is when several "cool" girls where lipstick according to the colors of the rainbow: We're talking ROY-G-BIV lipstick. Then.. they give the appointed "cool" guy a rainbow on his PENIS!!!!
WTF fo'sho'

Chris Dolce said...

seeeriously WTF. i concur.

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