Friday, April 2, 2010

New Segment - WTF Wednesday

I initially thought I might do this as a daily entry, but then realized that was a bit overzealous, and figured weekly would be a good start. I have started keeping notes on my iphone to document in my weekly WTF Wednesday entries.

The idea came to me the other day, which was a Wednesday, while driving home from boot camp. You know that recorded voice that often plays before a song on the radio that tells you who the artist is? Imagine my surprise when it said "Bare Naked Ladies"...


The last song I remember from them was the "chickity-China, Chinese chicken" song. I know there were others, but that's the only one that survives in anyone's memory bank. This song was nothing like that. It was slow and boring and I immediately changed the channel.

Now you know how the name came to be for this new little gem. It was funny because just the day before the BNL incident, I was perusing my friend Perez Hilton's blog and came across this interesting post about Justin Bieber. I love that he is on Chelsea Lately AGAIN, but the thing that caught my eye is that he is Canadian!!! WTF??? This changes everything.

Yesterday, which was Thursday, I was driving to work and I heard a station FINALLY play a new Lady Kaka song. I am so sick of all of the others they have played out, but I liked them once, so I figured I can be optimistic about this one. Then I started noticing some interesting similarities between the sound of this new song, and every Ace of Base song. WTF? Get your own shiz, Kaka!

My final WTF moment for the week is quite a doozy. I am a fan of Sac PD on Facebook, for many reasons, and yesterday I came across this juicy morsel of WTF goodness:

DUI CHECKPOINT REVEALS TRUE FRIENDSHIP: On 3/26/10, we conducted a DUI/driver’s license checkpoint. One subject was being evaluated for DUI and announced that his friend, who was driving in a separate vehicle behind him and anxiously waiting for his turn in line, had 'JUST AS MANY DRINKS AS I DID'. Thus, both individuals were arrested for DUI. With friends like him who needs enemies?

Murder. If I were the guy, aka "friend", in the car behind him that he narked out, a DUI would be the least of my worries, because I would have killed that guy for ratting me out to the cops. What a jerk!

So, that's my first installment of WTF Wednesday, even though it's Friday evening. Now that my friendy has taught me how to blog via cell phone, I will be more accurate with the WTF Wednesday postings. I hope you liked it!

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mrs.csunsweetie said...

LOL that's f-ing hilarious. What a douche.

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