Monday, April 19, 2010

WTF of the Week

It happened on a Wednesday, and I almost actually posted it on a Wednesday, but again, I failed. I have just one this week, but it was a personal experience, so it's that much better.

Every other Wednesday, I work at our downtown office and take this opportunity to have lunch with friends I don't get to see very often otherwise. Callie and Sean are my two regulars, but sometimes I sprinkle in others. This week, I was able to have lunch with Sean. He swooped me up in his new whip and we headed to Buckhorn Grill for some tasty salads. I got my usual Roadhouse Salad with grilled chicken, which comes with a pile of fried onion strings on top. To me, this is overkill. I always take at least half of them off, if not more, and place them on a napkin on the table. Sean took this opportunity to snack on them, since his salad didn't come with any, but there was still quite a large pile of them on the napkin.

Over the next hour, we enjoyed our meals and shared stories from the past few weeks since we had last seen each other. During this time, other diners had come in and out of the patio area where we were sitting to enjoy their lunch. Two ladies sat at the table next to us. We had no interaction with them during our lunch. Just as we were nearing the end of our time there, an employee came out to bus our table. She had picked up the napkin containing the pile of onion strings and placed it on my plate. Right as she was about to take the plate away, one of the women at the table next to us got up and came over and asked if she could have the onions.


Who does that? I mean, I have joked about eating people's leftovers before, but seriously, you don't even know me. And you want to eat my discarded food after it was already piled on top of my plate as garbage to be taken away? So gross. But so awesome.

At the time, Sean and I couldn't really give the moment the attention it deserved because of how closely these women were sitting to us. This was the perfect moment to end a wonderful lunch hour. And made for a great WTF Wednesday.

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